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SEO Accreditation strategy Session

The SEO accreditation Strategy session seminal meeting happened and with it, a lot of ideas for qualifications, accreditation and service levels emerged.

SEO Chicks Competition – Let the Voting Commence!

ShareTweet Wow! We really didn’t imagine getting such fantastic response to the SEO Chicks blogging competition. We even had to extend the deadline as people kept on writing in asking if it was too late to enter. Myself, Julie and Judith have been going back and forth trying to whittle it down to 5 blogposts, in fact we decided to publish 6 as we just couldn’t whittle it down any more. So a big THANK YOU to everyone that has entered, and to those that were not successful on this occassion. Don’t give up, it was NO bad blogposts entered, it was really difficult choosing. So with further ado, please find below links to each blogpost that has been published, [...]

SEO Training Course in London

ShareTweet EDIT: Google has just retracted their association with the Reed Learning SEO Course and are branding it as a misunderstanding, they were never meant to associate themselves with a SEO Course. Apparently. Please note this course will still GO AHEAD but is no longer accredited by Google. It’s in association with Verve Search and Reed Learning!!! Reed Learning (a UK training provider) has joined forces with Google and created the Google Marketing Academy, one of the courses within the academy is a Search Engine Optimisation course and I have been confirmed as the tutour for the course. I’m very excited about being onboard with Reed Learning and promise I will give a truly hands on, educational SEO course that [...]

Internet Marketer’s Give Back

ShareTweet Over the last year a small group of US based internet marketers formed a group called IM Charity, which is currently in the process of getting 5013c status (to become a non-profit). The group was formed so we could help use our talents for worthy causes. Currently, IM Charity helps to raise money for various charitable organizations through throwing fundraising events. In the future many of us will also donate time to non-profit organizations looking for a little help with their internet marketing strategy.  Last year, through varous party’s at US search conferences like SES San Jose, SES NY and Scary SEO we raised nearly $100,000. We’d like to start this year off on the right foot by throwing [...]

London Conferences for Search Pros

ShareTweet Hello and welcome once again to my look at upcoming conferences for the year.  While the calendar may not seem to change, this year sees one search conference change its time dramatically. SES London Feb 17 – 20 has to be one of the main events for the London search community if for no other reason than LondonSEO rolling in to town. Our own Viking and SEO Chick extraordinaire will be speaking at several sessions and I am honoured to be delivering a solo session.  I’ve often said that I’d send new staff for training first to SES London, then SMX London, PubCon and then SMX Advanced if I had to do training through conferences. Of course you know [...]

Nepotism and Networking

ShareTweet Ah, nepotism. Glorious, glorious nepotism. In case Ciaran‘s reading this, nepotism is nicely defined here. Nepotism happens out of necessity in this industry. You get gigs doing blogging, consulting, conference speaking, and who knows what else (even those pesky real jobs) through knowing the right people. Obviously you need to back things up with actual ability, but many times, what gets you IN at first is definitely who you know. I’m taking a serious risk here by paraphrasing something said by the principal in the Molly Ringwald classic “Pretty in Pink”…if you send out signals that you don’t want to belong, people will make sure that you don’t. I learned this quite quickly in high school and even through [...]