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deCabbit About Town… an da Wurld

ShareTweet Seems shooting off my gob is becoming a habit – an addictive one at that.  Knowing how much trouble my mouth can get me in, I decided to channel it in to something more productive.  So I’m doing some speaking stuff and in case you’d like to come alone to heckle or support, I thought I’d share. Today I’m off talking about Online Brand Reputation Management at the Web 2.0 Practical Applications for Business Benefit Conference Something I think everyone needs to do but I’m specifically talking brands.  I’ll be talking people later   Today I’m just focusing on trying to help brands do better stuff online. Next week, I get to gab about my in-house experiences before I [...]

Wanna Get Social? My London Conference Picks

ShareTweet Being a geek rarely means going out there and hitting the vibrant social scene around London, Toronto, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Auckland or any of the other cities of the world. Usually it means going to a “networking” event at a conference and drinking until it doesn’t hurt quite so much anymore. Well, funnily enough it’s conference season now that the weather has turned even rainier (how can anyone tell…?). So what’s up and on for conference goers? TONS! In fact, there is so much going on, I’ve pared it back a bit and focused on the place I spend most of my life in – London. My underpants have yet to host a conference, being a single event, [...]

Win Tickets to A4U Expo

ShareTweet I’m doing a number of speaker slots but one place I’m looking forward to being at is the A4U Expo where there seems to be a mini SEO conference going on. Win tickets to A4U Expo here by leaving a comment. Even if you don’t want to go, please take pity on me by leaving a comment saying you’d go to one of the sessions I’m doing. I’ll be speaking on SEO (or if no one shows up, I’ll be putting my feet up and eating chocolate). In fact, I’m pretty sure my room will be empty on Day 1 as I’m on opposite “Internet Marketing Howlers Uncovered!” and “10 Ways to Get the Most Out of your Paid [...]

Donate to Charity & Party with MS

ShareTweet At last – a Microsoft party *everyone* is invited to… sort of The team at Microsoft are working on renovating the Sunrise Children’s Centre in Tunbridge. As a part of Barnardo’s, this centre supports over 200 families whose children have learning or physical disabilities. It has bedrooms where children can stay to give their families a break and an extensive day centre. The centre is currently in real need of some renovation. Microsoft’s plan is to fundraise £10,000 which they will put towards improving the centre, creating a games room, revamping the outdoor areas with a pergola, a sensory garden and a new drop-off area plus much more. The MS team will be spending 2 days at the centre [...]

Lisa & Jon’s Engagement Celebrated at LondonSEO

ShareTweet Everyone loves a party and this month LondonSEO hosted a BBQ at the Vibe bar sponsoredby Media Centrix – well, it was almost a BBQ. It also hosted a little celebration to congradulate our own SEO Chick LisaD and Jon on their engagement! Here is the happy couple with a chocolate cupcake each ready to tuck in to the yummy goodness. Look at the size of that ring! WOW! Regrettably the BBQ people did not show up but having Brivck Lane close by means we had plenty to choose from. Many of the people at LondonSEO went off to some of those fine establishments afterwards. The event was great with lots of new people – although the August weather [...]

SEO Conferences: Good Deal or No Deal?

ShareTweet I love SEO Conferences, but there’s a good possibility I’ll never attend another one. Why? Well, for one thing, after I tick off all the conference hosts today with this post, the SEO bouncers might block me from entering. But in reality, I may never go to another conference because the prices are just too freaking high. (please bear with me on this long rant, because really, you’ve GOT to read it all…seriously) Yeah, yeah, I’m cheap, I know that. And I agree that conferences have a hidden value, especially in the networking, and that even one tiny nugget of information gleaned from a conference can make up for the price. And yep, I understand that it costs a [...]