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Hee Haw! It’s a SphinnCon in North Carolina!

ShareTweet The South is host to more than just grits, rebel flags, inbred fat couples, dogs tied to chains, and gothic short stories filled with drinking and murder…which is why I am so utterly thrilled to announce that we’ll be having our very own SphinnCon on May 2nd, in Greensboro, North Carolina, hosted by Link Fish Media’s Jay Young and Ayima’s Rob Kerry, also known as the editor of Sphinn AND, in some small small ciricles, known simply as Donkey. Sure, Greensboro is a fairly boring town (although we’ve just turned 200! and we have a nice chocolate shop) but with the arrival of the lovely and charming Evil Green Monkey, this town is going to be turned upside down. [...]

SEO Talk at March London Girl Geek Dinner

ShareTweet Here I am again with the London events Only this time, it’s on MY BIRTHDAY! There will be three speakers.  I’m leading off speaking on SEO basics so all you Chicks out there wanting to pick up pointers, come on over and grab yourself a ticket!  There will be food and a bit of wine, water and juice courtesy of the sponsors along with FREE WI FI!! Head over to and enter the password “searchme” and you’ll be able to grab yourself some tickets!  You can donate any amount and all the cash goes to help Girl Geek Dinners.  Everyone is a volunteer and freely gives of their time. March London Girl Geek Dinner Date: 25th March 2008 7:30pm [...]

SES London 2008 – Sessions ‘n’ Stuff

ShareTweet The 2008 edition of SES London was a refreshing change from the previous year.  Not only did it start better for me with no unwanted groping, the initial session really set the tone for the rest of the conference – fun and different.  This year I also resolved to get over being shy in person and introduce myself to people I have been reading. I got as far as introducing myself to Liana “Li” Evans and Adam Lasnik and stopped.  Sometimes being a journalist bites as I am always aware people are suddenly careful about what they say around me.  Makes for a difficult time making new friends! The sessions offered far fewer sales pitches than previous years and [...]

SEO Chicklets – Jane & Lauren!

ShareTweet Finally we can announce our first guest-bloggers. It seems like ages since we first wrote about getting some cool guest bloggers on board. We’ve had a few interested, and we’ve stalked some (ehm Donna). And since the guest-bloggers are in fact “guest” bloggers we thought it would be cute to call them “SEO Chicklets”. So without further ado, let me introduce you to our first ever guest bloggers! Jane Copland Ok if you don’t know who this blonde kiwi bomb shell is, you’ve had your head in the sand for the last year and a half. Jane works as a Search Marketing Consultant at SEOmoz, but is maybe more known as the Moz plex’s Social Butterfly (ehm only with [...]

deCabbit’s London View of Conferences Ahead

ShareTweet Well, 2008 has already started with a bang (but, living in the past as I am, I’m still catching up with 2007…) with lots of conferences shooting ahead out of the starting blocks.  I’m speaking at three so far (maybe four) and attending many more so for all you London-based marketing folk, here is what’s up and on. Technology For Marketing & Advertising 2008 – Feb 12 Earls Court Conference Centre London.  It’s free to attend and tends to be all about the stands with free sessions of limited value to those who know what they’re on about.  For those new to the industry, these sessions are great bite-sized free talks at a free industry event. SES London – Feb 19 Business Design Center.  Be there [...]

SES London Conference & Party

ShareTweet Search Engine Strategies – Feb 2008 Wohoo I’m a speaker at Search Engine Strategies London this year , pretty cool, especially considering my first ever conference was SES London this time last year. SES London is on from 19th – 21st February at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. I’m on the panel “Search Term Research & Targeting” with amongst other Christine Churchill and Maxim Grandchamp If you are going to SES London, make sure you come and see me speak on Wednesday 20th Feb, 11:45-12:45, I’m going to be nervous as hell, so any support will be very much appreciated No heckling please, unless it’s “Lisa you rock”… LondonSEO party Thursday 21st Feb As usual the search [...]