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Keyword Research Ninjas Tactics – SMX London 2011

ShareTweet Keyword research tools are powerful and plentiful and your competitors are using them for the same reasons as you are. This session explores keyword research “outside of the box”, mining unique or unusual sources of data for insights and opportunities that others overlook. Richard Baxter The problem with keyword research data is it’s a bit of a jumble, anyone can make a list, but how do you make it actionable for SEO? How do you get from a dataset to IA? If you can find a way to group and segment, and take away noise you can learn about priorities. By breaking down the following search query you can identify segments and groups within the phrase. Buy used audi [...]

SMX 2011 – Search Analytics and Competitive Intelligence

ShareTweet Before I begin, I would like to say thank you to all the SEO Chicks for letting me be the first ‘chick with a dick’ to post on their site. It is a huge honour and I got to dress up like a girl so everyone’s a winner. After trying on the t-shirt I must admit it looked like a boob tube on me so it’s an experience I would like to forget, especially since Nick Williams thought I looked like this butch chap when I put on the wig as well: However, I am wearing the t-shirt with pride today, even though it is underneath my ‘normal’ sized shirt. I hope you like my coverage of SMX today [...]

3 Industries SEO Should Learn From

ShareTweet SEO is growing up, the geeky little outcast has gone to college gone out into the world and gone all mainstream, but there is still more to learn, still some growing up to be done, and it’s time SEO looked to its elders for guidance. so here are 3 mature industries that SEO should be looking up to if its going to be a contender. Law When was the last time your solicitor offered to spend an afternoon looking at something for you for free? When was the last time a solicitor felt guilty about charging for their time (do solicitors feel guilt? maybe that’s a question for another time). As SEO’s we need to learn to appreciate just [...]

SES London 2011 – Liveblog Schedule

ShareTweet Fret not, if you haven’t got a ticket for SES London 2011, as the SEO Chicks will be out in force (like Delta Force.)  Unfortunately Sarah Carling can’t be with us, as she is pretending to be Canadian. Lisa Myers and Judith Lewis will be speaking at various sessions, whilst I’ll be covering some of the main events, with some support from Julie Joyce. Here’s the dates and times of the sessions I’ll be covering. The intention is to liveblog, so keep an eye on the hashtags #SESUK and #SESLondon. Day 1: Tuesday 22nd February 2:45 – 3:45 Track 2. Meaningful SEO Metrics Speakers: Brian Clifton, Matthew Bailey and Peter Young 4:00 – 5:00 Track 1. How to Become [...]

How To Sell Yourself As A Client

ShareTweet Here’s a bit of advice for those of you looking for someone to help you out with your online marketing: Don’t be such a complete asshat. For some of you, this is easier said than done (at least judging by some of my recent encounters) but try, please. Here’s Bill O’Reilly in case you aren’t sure exactly what an asshat is. Over the past few years I’ve learned that there are quite a few warning signs that tell me that no matter how much money this guy is waving around, I don’t want him as my client. As I co-run the business with my husband, we try our best to agree on which clients to take, but occasionally one [...]

Knowing Why Is As Important As What

ShareTweet A thought occurred to me yesterday, that I just had to tweet, “One of the biggest causes of SEO mistakes is because people know what to do but not why they need to do it”. I had a load of great responses to this, but still felt like I needed to elaborate on it a little, so here goes. There are so many things that I see people recommending for SEO that are not relevant for the site they have been recommended for. Robots.txt files are the example that always springs to mind, it’s not uncommon to see someone state something along the lines of “your site has not robots.txt file and one should be added”. Why? If the site doesn’t [...]