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Find A Mentor (Or Some Mentos)

ShareTweet Along with the list of skills that you need to possess in order to be a good SEO, I’d like to add the following: Knows how to find a good mentor. I’ve been in the industry for enough years that I do think that, for the most part, I know what I’m doing. I know what’s going on, I can adapt to industry changes very quickly, and I feel confident that the advice that I give is valid and worthwhile. However, I’m not stupid enough to believe that I can’t be wrong, which is why I am so fond of having mentors. No matter how much experience you have, someone else has more of it, and someone else has [...]

What Happens When SEO Stops Working?

ShareTweet SEO or search engine optimisation is the act of altering certain key aspects of a page to help the various search engines understand what the page is about and rank it accordingly.  Each page needs to have a specific focus and there are various elements on each page which need to be fine-tuned in order to ensure the web page is found, and ranks well, for specific search queries. Some companies feel that this is a one-time job and once done, it should last forever.  There are several reasons why this is not true and why as a business, you need to ensure you are keeping up with the changes your site undergoes. The algorithm Google uses changes daily [...]

Geotargeting on the same domain – using XML sitemaps

ShareTweet I wrote a blogpost a few months ago on Searchcowboys about “How to use Multiple Sitemaps on the Same Domain for Geotargetting” and got a great response. Although a few of the readers commented that the instructions were a a bit “fuzzy” and that a step by step explanation would have been great. So I thought I would share it with the SEO Chicks readers and do a step by step guide on this method for geotargetting. But first, let’s get some background info on why and so on. Issue and why we came up with this solution? One of our clients (as so many other companies) have a .com domain targeting the UK, but in addition they are [...]

Americanize This! Google Changing My Search Spelling By Default

ShareTweet (I have a half written blogpost in my head, about ‘deathbait’. When I finally resurrect it, you can smugly point me back to this question.) Is it just me or are the days of the bucket test now dead? I was ‘told off’ by a journalist recently for using jargon- laden crap language.., so by bucket test (which was the terminology we used at Yahoo! and I’ve seen it on the outside too) I mean when a small percentage of search users, are deliberately shown a different set of results to most others. Performance criteria such as likelihood of refining query and repeating search, interaction with results, interaction with which result etc. are all closely monitored and then the [...]

The Local File – Google Local Business Hijacking Issues

ShareTweet As some of you might already know I experienced some issues with one of my client’s local business listing the other day and it royally pissed me off. It seems Google Local Business Listings have a hole bigger than the Grand Canyon. And apparently it’s been there for a while, talking to DaveN over IM the other day he ran into similar problems month ago. And it’s still not fixed, ARGH!??!! Ok, so let me paint you a picture, at the moment local business listings are HOT property, especially in the UK and particularly in the hotel, restaurant and pretty much any service industry that is applicable to location in the search phrase. Most of these searches now includes [...]

SEO 101 – You’ve got your keywords, now what?

ShareTweet This is the third of the SEO Chicks 101 series that Lisa introduced a couple of weeks ago with her delve into canonicalisation issues. The second post in the series was Nicholas look at data analysis This post was inspired by Lesley Cutts, owner of one of my favourite sites who posted what I thought was an interesting response to a statement I made on twitter. Now not to make you think I’m disorganised, but I had lost some notes I had made on a keyword strategy for a client (I found them in the end & all was well), and Lesley commented that she wouldn’t know where to begin writing down a keyword strategy, as it seemed [...]