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Social Media Can Kill Your SEO Efforts

Social media is fun, engaging and deceptively easy to get in to but difficult to market over effectively. Due to the ease and simplicity of the platform, it can seem at times as though everyone who can log on has become a social media marketing expert.

Hate Twitter? Here’s How To Keep Up!

ShareTweet Many people whom I know and respect have engaged in self-imposed Twitter bans recently. I have found myself fuming over tweets and fussed about it to people who don’t care, for ages and ages it seems. However, I totally rely on Twitter to keep me informed about absolutely everything that’s going on in our industry. If someone writes a blog post, I find out through Twitter. If Google decides to do something insane, I hear it through Twitter. I don’t rely on RSS feeds or bookmarks or word of mouth anymore; it’s just me and Twitter. However, Twitter is quickly killing my goodwill and sanity. The self-promotional tweets about how much money you just made or how many job [...]

How to Screw Up Your Social Media Strategy

ShareTweet Social media is critical for companies to get right. With low barriers to entry and the perception of ease of use, it may seem enticing to jump straight in but disaster can lurk in the shallows as well as the depths. The media is never shy about reporting on major blunders by large corporations and so with everything from “my Dell hell” in 2005 through to Dr Pepper ‘s Facebook blunder, the search results are littered with examples of social media disasters.  If it isn’t Habitat abusing hashtags in Twitter to promote their sweepstakes then it is Walmart creating a fake blog. Some of these activities are now literally criminal. In the past the only thing wrong with doing [...]

What Social Media Can Learn From Traditional Marketing

ShareTweet I recently got into a debate with someone about the benefits of social media. This person (who I won’t name because I think they were being an idiot) maintained that the biggest benefit to social media was getting links for SEO, and I have to admit my heart just sank. There is no denying that social media is great for building links, but it’s a side effect of a marketing technique that is far broader reaching and can have a much bigger impact for businesses that do it well. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the attitude of an individual, but something that is quite widespread in SEO, and it’s not only social media that is met with this attitude of [...]

Twitter Is Not a Social Media Strategy

ShareTweet I’ve been talking to a lot of companies lately, who are starting to think that maybe they need a social media campaign. Their mum’s brothers dog suggested it, because, well, you’re not anyone these days unless you’re on twitter, right? Upon further investigation, it seems that they have had a few social media agencies come and pitch to them, most of whom have provided no history on their business, or even the individuals history in social media, but these “social media agencies” have confidently advised these organisations that they “need a social media campaign”. In some cases I have seen the client be set up with a nicely skinned twitter account, a Facebook page with their logo, log in [...]

I’m an SEO Faker

ShareTweet Before you all start writing blog posts titled “Shock revelation of new SEO Chick” please let me explain. When I first started out in SEO, I remember looking at the blogs, the SEOmoz comments & the Sphinn submissions, thinking that I wanted to be just like the people I was seeing writing there. They were doing amazing things, achieving great results, and working on exciting client projects that required huge investment and brought in massive returns. These people had relationships with the heads of marketing for huge companies, and wielded their power and influence to do good. At the time I was an almost SEO, I was a sales person, an account manager first and foremost. Learning about SEO [...]