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Leveraging Social Media for PR and SEO

Social Media is often seen as the place for a company to be without the company understanding why they should be there. While you may see social media as a link building dream, it can be a branding nightmare. Judith Lewis, SEO Consultant with talks through her recent experience.

Verizon Fios: Doing Twitter Right!

ShareTweet It seems like years ago now that I moved into my own apartment and started looking at cable and Internet options. In actuality it was only two months ago. When I discovered that Verizon Fios was available in my location, I automatically went online to activate an account and schedule an installation. I wanted the fastest Internet possible! The online activation was simple and easy to use. In about five minutes I put in my information and scheduled a date. One second later I got what I thought was a confirmation email. The email lacked any sort of number or code however. I called customer service to alert them about my order and their neglect on confirmation numbers. The [...]

Wanna Get Social? My London Conference Picks

ShareTweet Being a geek rarely means going out there and hitting the vibrant social scene around London, Toronto, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Auckland or any of the other cities of the world. Usually it means going to a “networking” event at a conference and drinking until it doesn’t hurt quite so much anymore. Well, funnily enough it’s conference season now that the weather has turned even rainier (how can anyone tell…?). So what’s up and on for conference goers? TONS! In fact, there is so much going on, I’ve pared it back a bit and focused on the place I spend most of my life in – London. My underpants have yet to host a conference, being a single event, [...]

Things That Are, And Things That Are Not, Linkbait

ShareTweet Sometimes, you cannot help but pity the poor people who come up with terrible marketing campaigns. I actually feel pretty bad for the people at whose promotional video is nothing short of horrifying. Their software doesn’t appear to be bad, but the team in charge of approving that video should be fired. It’s supposed to be a parody and it’s supposed to be corny, but it’s the worst viral fail I’ve seen since P. Diddy thought you had to buy YouTube channels. I warn you: watching the video may induce the need to shoot yourself in the face. Of coure, this horrific car wreck of a campaign did act as linkbait in a way, as so many people [...]

The Ethics of Linkbait. Again.

ShareTweet I’ve been to two search marketing conferences in the past month and asked the crowd the same question at each show. The question was about a real-life example of the bait ‘n switch. There are a few different levels of bait ‘n switch and you’ll come across differing opinions as to which are ethical and which aren’t. Level One Popular content is moved via a redirect from its original location to another location on the same site. The content doesn’t change. This barely counts. Level Two Popular content is moved via a redirect from its original location to a different site. The content doesn’t change. Level Three Popular content is moved via a redirect from its original location to [...]

Social Media Ice Cream

ShareTweet This week I noticed a lot of great things happen in the social media space. Many yummy, tasty social media treats! Since Tuesday, different Ice Cream franchises have been offering special discounts or free ice cream through the Blogosphere, Facebook, and Twitter. Tuesday, April 29th= The Annual International Free Cone Day @ Ben & Jerry’s. – It was pretty impressive to me that Ben & Jerry’s bought a Facebook gift to be distributed as the free gift of the day. Additionally, they did a great job at outreach as I spent the day seeing millions of pictures of the lines that were circling around the block for ice-cream. I looked at massive amounts of Twitter posts where people tweeted [...]