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Social Media World Forum: Social Gaming Panel

ShareTweet And the award for “Best in Show” goes to the social gaming panel. Day 2. I had this session double starred in my program from the get-go. Social gaming is an exploding market and contrary to popular perception, it’s not all about kids and teenage boys. This sector has serious ‘momfactor’. In a nutshell, audience, scale and enourmous commercial opportunities for brand. Our panel of experts we’re moderated by Michael Caselli founder of Lyceum publishing and a prominent figure in the online gaming sphere. I’d seen Michael in action at the recent London Affiliate Conference and it was clear he knew his panel and his subject matter. We weren’t disappointed at Social Media World Forum, as the panel were [...]

#SMWF – Morning Roundup

ShareTweet Session 1. Katy Howell – MD, immediatefuture. Katy was a last minute addition to the agenda and rocked the stage. Great speaker, no BS, no jargon and lots of real “from the front-line” experiences to share. We’re at a time of Shifting sands. Hidden costs.One client lost their Flickr page mid-campaign. Be warned that there are some drawbacks, hidden costs, content risk (who owns the data). Popular platforms are looking at charge models. 52% of people on soaicl networks have more than one sn. Influence should not be a replacement for audience. There is no cost per influence.There are different types of influencers. Authoratative, popular and collaborative influencers. Another problem – brands shout all the time. How do you [...]

Social Media World Forum: What Do You Want Blogged?

ShareTweet The 2nd annual Social Media World Forum takes place next week at London’s Olympia; and the schedule looks extremely juicy. The two-day forum starts Monday 15th and attracts some of the true thought- leaders in social media, who should be sharing their knowledge on some of the meatier issues faced by social media practictioners and participants today including; monetization, future technologies, engaging with brands and managing social/business metworks. (Like there’s a difference???) I’m in the midst of a hardcore liveblog training- regime, which involves a timed laptop bootup, which is more impressive than a rifle assembly drill. Plus a steamed fish and wheatgrass diet (concentration levels) and bionic occular implants (for the slides). Actually, that is a bit of [...]

Twitter Is Not a Social Media Strategy

ShareTweet I’ve been talking to a lot of companies lately, who are starting to think that maybe they need a social media campaign. Their mum’s brothers dog suggested it, because, well, you’re not anyone these days unless you’re on twitter, right? Upon further investigation, it seems that they have had a few social media agencies come and pitch to them, most of whom have provided no history on their business, or even the individuals history in social media, but these “social media agencies” have confidently advised these organisations that they “need a social media campaign”. In some cases I have seen the client be set up with a nicely skinned twitter account, a Facebook page with their logo, log in [...]

7 Things You’ll Not Care To Know About Julie

ShareTweet The Donna meme! Well, I call it that because it sounds all respectable…I was tagged by the lovely Dazzlin’ Donna and, well, I do what she says because I’m a bit scared of her. 1.I spent my honeymoon on an archaeological dig in Crete. Since I was small (and shared a love of Nick Cave with the head physical anthropologist on the dig, oh and I also had a degree in anthropology), I got to spend a few days crammed down inside of an utterly claustrophobia-inducing space, gently brushing dirt away from bones. During this same trip, I am embarrassed to say that I might have been responsible for washing actual paint off loads of potsherds, in my zeal [...]

Things That Will, And Things That Will Not, Change

ShareTweet I want to refer back to a post Julie wrote a couple of months ago about writing in SEO. I’ve struggled with this a lot recently, because sometimes it’s just torturous to come up with something new. I get to work at about eight-forty-five every morning and leave sometime before six, and I do SEO all day. Sometimes I do extra things when I get home too, but there is often just nothing noteworthy to say about it. I fix mashed up redirects. I figure out who should link to what from where. I do things that interest me, but do you really want me to write blog posts about the merits of dropping IIS servers off of cliffs? [...]