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Verizon Fios: Doing Twitter Right!

ShareTweet It seems like years ago now that I moved into my own apartment and started looking at cable and Internet options. In actuality it was only two months ago. When I discovered that Verizon Fios was available in my location, I automatically went online to activate an account and schedule an installation. I wanted the fastest Internet possible! The online activation was simple and easy to use. In about five minutes I put in my information and scheduled a date. One second later I got what I thought was a confirmation email. The email lacked any sort of number or code however. I called customer service to alert them about my order and their neglect on confirmation numbers. The [...]

Social Media Ice Cream

ShareTweet This week I noticed a lot of great things happen in the social media space. Many yummy, tasty social media treats! Since Tuesday, different Ice Cream franchises have been offering special discounts or free ice cream through the Blogosphere, Facebook, and Twitter. Tuesday, April 29th= The Annual International Free Cone Day @ Ben & Jerry’s. – It was pretty impressive to me that Ben & Jerry’s bought a Facebook gift to be distributed as the free gift of the day. Additionally, they did a great job at outreach as I spent the day seeing millions of pictures of the lines that were circling around the block for ice-cream. I looked at massive amounts of Twitter posts where people tweeted [...]

Twitter Etiquette

ShareTweet In case you are living under a rock…. Twitter is just another one of those social platforms that you didn’t want to grow attached to but knew you would. It has become unavoidable at this point. If you don’t tweet, I bet at least five of your Facebook friends have synched up their Tweets to their status update. It’s gotten to the point where even my friends who aren’t within the internet marketing industry (all 5 of them) have a Twitter account, whether they know how to use it or not doesn’t really matter. I doubt they will sign up for Pownce and the whole point of any of these wastes of time are for them to exist for [...]

Mixxed-Up Mind

ShareTweet ����������������� Not another blog post about Mixx!! Haven’t we established that it is just a waste of time? That is what some well respected folks are saying. Yet people are still mixxing away, the numbers all around are going up slowly but surely. But it still has not killed Digg, like it was promised to do. But watch out… these new features are pretty intimidating! Today I logged into Mixx, and I had 4 new messages!! You now have the ability to send messages to fellow Mixxers, showing their user name and avatar, and the option to send to all. Even send a message to entire groups. You can opt-in and out of e-mail notifications, and conversation threads. I [...]

10 Reasons Why You Should STILL Be Using Facebook

ShareTweet Since writing a few blog posts about the benefits of using Facebook for marketing, I have been asked; “Well, how do you do it?” There are no secrets to using Facebook, unless you are running illegal scripts. Depending on the reasons and types of markets you might be dealing with on Facebook, it’s really quite simple to utilize the social network as a marketing tool. “Don’t hate on Facebook.” Give it a chance before you decide to curse it to hell as an annoying social site that is a waste of time. If you STILL aren’t using Facebook for yourself, you won’t be able to understand how to use it for anyone else. Create your “internet marketer” profile. I [...]

Social Media Superstar, NowSourcing’s: Brian Wallace

ShareTweet If anybody remembers the IMNY Charity Party last year, it was a great place to network. It was also my very first networking event in the industry and it is also where I met a very friendly Brian Wallace, President of NowSourcing. He is the writer of the NowSourcing blog, which is the place to be if you are interested in learning more about Digg, Mixx, Twitter, etc. Brian also founded a new blog that is making a lot of noise: Collective-Thoughts, the collective Social Media blog who’s contributors are impressive to say the least. Brian rounded up some of my most favorite SMM people on the net; Andy Beard, Glen Allsopp, Mark Laymon, Marty Weintraub, Rose Sylvia, Shana [...]