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What’s Your Social Media Resolution?

ShareTweet You have made a promise to yourself to be a better you, as you do every new years. There is a whole industry based around New Years Resolutions, but it has changed entirely. If five years ago you started a food journal on January 1st, by now you might have added the “My Diet” application on Facebook, which has about 520 daily active users. With so many people searching the web right now, how are web based companies capitalizing on New Years? As people are Googling this week, whether it be for a new diet, exercise routine, budget planning, etc., will your website have something to offer? I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed with the SERPS [...]

2007= The Year of Facebook

ShareTweet What is Blue and White and Read All Over? What has more than 59 million users? Has 250,000 new members per day since January 2007? Has more than 14 million photos uploaded daily? Has More than 65 billion page views per month? No…. Not Orkut. The Answer is Facebook! Whether you love it or hate it, if you are reading this blog, you are a Facebook member and you use it daily. Every SEO Chick has a Facebook. Here is how People were using Facebook in August 2007: It was only a matter of time before every SEO, Link Bulider, and Internet Marketer in general saturated this amazing Social Networking site and took over. When the opportunity arrived over [...]

Branding Your Name

ShareTweet Many posts talk about branding…branding is an utterly fascinating avenue to consider when you’re marketing, whether online or offline, but it’s not as easy to do well as you might think. When we think of branding, we tend to think of branding a product, a service, or a company. We don’t necessarily consider branding our names, but we should. Consider this: no matter what you are a part of, you’re still an individual subject to searches for personal information. What turns up when someone searches for you is a matter of reputation management, but you really can actively control this for the most part with branding your name. Especially in the online marketing field, you need to be up [...]

Yet Another Use for Social Media

ShareTweet Apparently the Facebook group “1,000,000 Strong for Stephen T Colbert” is the fastest-growing Facebook ever (if you believe the hype, and I’m gullible so yes, I do.) This is only slightly more impressive than the SEO Chicks Facebook group reaching 69 members in close to 6 months. However, we have not (yet) threatened to crush the state of Georgia so that’s most likely why we’re not seeing such a massive spike. The Colbert group and all the other groups that involve a drumming up of support for his Presidential bid are doing an amazing job of basically conducting a massive free focus group session. This is an absolutely brilliant use of social media. It’s funny and innovative enough that [...]

Wedding or Not? SEO Chick and Evilgreenmonkey

ShareTweet Weddings weddings weddings…it’s all the London SEO crowd can think about now that my lovely Viking Lisa has apparently agreed to marry Rob Kerry IF, and it’s a big IF, the monkey can get a top rank in Google for the term ‘weddings.’ She obviously doesn’t know that I went out with him last night and will be seeing him again tonight though. I have always wanted to be a bridesmaid in Vegas. Anita wants to be the flower girl. This is big stuff for the SEO Chicks so please, digg and sphinn til these two are forced to let me buy a lovely silk dress with a matching parasol. Like I don’t have that already but still… You [...]

The Chicks Get All Social

ShareTweet SEO Chicks has a facebook app!  Yes, that’s right, you can get all the latest and greatest SEO chick action direct to your facebook page.  You know you want to, so add to your facebook profile and be the envy of your friends! At Future of Web Apps I had the pleasure of interviewing Eran Shir from Dapper about web applications and their recent developments involving contextual advertising the likes of which I’d not seen before.  One novel use of the application was to embed it in a recipe site and use it to display the cost of ingredients for a recipe and possibly purchase them.  I can think of thousands of affiliate sites that can immediately start [...]