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Social Media: A Glorious Timewaster?

ShareTweet After I actually spent a decent amount of time searching for people to add to my dinky collection of friends on Facebook the other night, and I only mean dinky in terms of the sheer poor little number, not the caliber, although that’s up for debate at times, I realized that the whole social media thing has really gotten out of hand. I’ve never given a flying crap about being popular, yet now I feel inadequate if every blog post I write doesn’t make Search Engine Watch, every person I contact doesn’t want to be my friend on Facebook (Rand Fishkin, you better watch Fatal Attraction again and see what happens to people who ignore nice Southern belles), and [...]

Top 10 Future Career Paths for Prior SEOs

ShareTweet I’m so fascinated by the prior careers of the SEOs that I know. My own background is in anthropology and English lit, with a brief stint in social work that led me to then go into programming for assistive technology. The programming is what eventually led me into SEO, with some boring details in between. In any case, this all got me thinking about careers we could all have AFTER we leave/get fired from SEO. Thus I bring you the top 10 future career paths for prior SEOs… 1. Used car salesperson: we’re used to convincing people that really, nothing is wrong with our SEO efforts, so this can be easily translated into talking someone into thinking that the [...]

Always Avoid Girls with Bad Reputations

ShareTweet Reputation management has been a lively topic of conversation recently…and a very enlightening one. Vanessa Fox has a good piece on reputation management that I especially recommend and not just because she’s a girl. Li Evans and others on Search Marketing Gurus have written about this as well. Since I am unimaginative, I thought I’d chime in with a post of my very own and, with this in mind, I give you the top 10 things that can kill your reputation faster than a duck can jump on a junebug. For those of you who didn’t grow up in the rural South, that means really fast. 1. Being blatantly wrong about something. Examples of this include thinking that it’s [...]

Terribly Bad Things To Do On Social Media Sites

ShareTweet If you’re like many of us, you’re always willing to make more money, even if it means doing (a little bit) more work. That being said, you may be attempting to use some form of social media in order to pick up new clients or business contacts. Here’s a list of ten things that can cause you to lose opportunities faster than Lindsey Lohan goes back into rehab. 1. Putting up silly photos of yourself in your profile. Yes, this is usually something we all do and it can be really funny for people you know, but do you seriously want potential business contacts to see you toppled over on the ceramic tile floor of a Mexican restaurant bathroom, [...]

Social Media Optimisation – just linkbaiting?

ShareTweet When I went to SMX Seattle I was sitting in the session on SMO shaking my head, and in the end I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to stand up and comment =) Mostly I agree with the whole concept of Social Media Optimisation and I think it’s a great opportunity to increase traffic and also search engine visibility. BUT what I do disagree with is the terminology SMO for some of the examples that were given at conference. The problem I find with Social Media Optimisation is that more often than not people use it to target an audience that is IRRELEVANT to the website they are optimising for. In the dictionary the word “optimising” is defined [...]

Blogging Etiquette

ShareTweet Well, after Julie’s post on Linking Etiquette, I really had the ‘bee in my bonnet’ and went out looking for more… And I found a somewhat old post, but with relevant content, on blogging etiquette rules. I think it pretty much covers all of the angles, and it adds to the list Julie had earlier ) So without further ado – I give you The Golden Rules of Blog Etiquette UPDATE Huuuugee apologies for forgetting to also give you the password: begood It’s typical – I got sidetracked from when I found the link and then I just forgot… But isn’t it good for building the suspence…