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5 Ways to make a Marketing Video on a Budget

ShareTweet I thought long and hard about what I could write for my very first SEO Chicks Post, but this week I have a challenge that needs a solution so thought I would share. The Scenario My client wants to ‘have a go’ at video as they’ve heard all about how ‘video sells more’. However, the management don’t want to commit to a budget unless they know it’s going to work (sounds an awful lot like SEO to me!). My mission should I choose to accept it, is to create a marketing video and put together a video marketing strategy with little or no budget. I have little or no film-making skills, but I have created videos in the past [...]

Hate Twitter? Here’s How To Keep Up!

ShareTweet Many people whom I know and respect have engaged in self-imposed Twitter bans recently. I have found myself fuming over tweets and fussed about it to people who don’t care, for ages and ages it seems. However, I totally rely on Twitter to keep me informed about absolutely everything that’s going on in our industry. If someone writes a blog post, I find out through Twitter. If Google decides to do something insane, I hear it through Twitter. I don’t rely on RSS feeds or bookmarks or word of mouth anymore; it’s just me and Twitter. However, Twitter is quickly killing my goodwill and sanity. The self-promotional tweets about how much money you just made or how many job [...]

Book Review – SEO ROI: Rules and Tactics of Advanced SEOs

ShareTweet I’ve been feeling a little SEOfatigued of late. Sick of hearing the same old regurgitated advice and seeing the same old presentation. I’ve found myself withdrawing from Twitter and retreating to smaller communities where the discussion is much more specific and emerges from real, in-the-field observations and results. And you know what? I’m learning more, much faster, and in a shorter amount of time. So, this isn’t a Twitter-diss; but more a natural evolution of my own approach to (constantly) learning SEO. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased when this book landed in my inbox reason being the content is very much of the insider-perspective, using situational examples as opposed to any grand SEO theory. About the Author, Editor [...]

Think Your PPC Sucks? Find Out For Sure!

ShareTweet I scored better than 8% of Adwords accounts in my spend range. Wow, that’s…humiliating, and quite humbling. Wordstream has an awesome new Adwords performance grader tool that’s free and compares your account to others in your spend range (that they have previously graded, but they say that it’s millions) using more than 60 different factors. You get a general idea of how you’re doing then recommendations, in sections, for improvement. I like. Naturally, this all ties into their PPC management software, which is available on a free 7-day trial. As PPC isn’t my main thing, I won’t be trying that out, but I do really like comparison systems, as I think they give us a great idea for where [...]

Top 10 Favourite WordPress Plugins by a Pregnant Chick

ShareTweet It’s embaressing how long it has been since I posted on SEO-Chicks, it’s months, agh…I have kind of got an excuse, being 8 months pregnant at the moment, but then again the baby is not growing in my head is it. Although sometimes it feels like it, when I find my keys in the fridge, throw the rubbish in the sink and the plate in the rubbish, or forget what I was talking about half way through a new business pitch. Apparently it’s the hormones affecting your brain, great thanks, like looking like a waddling hippo isn’t bad enough my brain is the size of a shrimp. But as the guilt of not writing anything has finally taken hold [...]

Mail Goggles – Prevent Late Night Email Gaffes

ShareTweet Well, today I actually got around to reading through my newsletter subscription Inbox (first time in a month or so) and found something I thought was so exciting, that I had to blog about it. Now I know we have different thresholds of excitement ), but this is bound to tickle a few people… Disclaimer: OK this is no real news, but it is for me, and since it is the first time we’re blogging about it, it is technically news here on SEO-Chicks… My excitement is caused by a new feature you can enable in your Gmail account, called Mail Goggles. And its function is only one – to try and ensure that you don’t send “heat-of-the-moment” emails. [...]