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Yoda’s Ultimate Tool List Part II – Keyword Research

ShareTweet Okay, so it has been a little more than a week since Part I, but SES NY takes a long time to recover from. There are a ton of keyword research tools and tool lists out there, but it is still incredibly important to have all of your tools in one place. There are a lot of familiar tools in here, but there should also be a some lesser known ones here as well. Let’s start this off with an SEO snack provided to you by one of my newest friends, Gareth   Free Tools SEObook’s ultimate keyword research tool is a great place to start. Another tool on the site, is the Google Scraper tool We can’t forget [...]

Yoda’s Ultimate Tool List Part 1: Competitive Research

ShareTweet An SEO’s best friend (other than a stiff drink) is a good tool. Tools save us time and energy and streamline the process so we can get to making money instead of researching. They provide the information you need when you need it. But it is important to remember that knowing when to use a particular tool and how to use it is more important than any list. This is why I’ve created Yoda’s ultimate tool to put all the tools one would need in 1 place. Since this list is too massive to fit in one post, it will be a multi-part list that will cover: Competitive Research, Keyword Research, Must have Firefox plug-ins, Reputation Management tools, PPC [...]

Check Me Baby One More Time *Ooh*

ShareTweet I’ve got that warm and fuzzy feeling that usually only my husband evokes.  Something has me all hot and bothered.  I’ve been playing with myself at – and of course by “myself” I mean my websites.  God you people have dirty minds!  My husband is a programmer and he makes fantastically innovative bits of code.  For goodness sake people!  Minds in gutters…. What a fantastic tool!  Why did someone not come up with this sooner – Aaron, you are a god (possibly a Nordic one)!  I can now solve a gazillion phone calls from friends who just need a little bit of advice by pointing them at this tool. Please everyone with “how to” sites out there – please [...]

Women’s Knickers! It’s More Pink Technology

ShareTweet Warning: the following post has almost nothing at all to do with SEO. It’s simply a rant. A good friend of mine just showed me what I think is one of THE most ridiculous things I have ever seen. Besides Scarlett Johannson singing with the Jesus and Mary Chain even! It’s a flash drive designed exclusively for women! And strangely, they’re not available in America. What makes them designed for women anyway? Other than being pink, the product has a “sleek, feminine, cap-less design” which will, apparently, “make it ideal for women of all ages.” It’s a f&^(G! flash drive! What does your sex or age have to do with it? I assume that it also allows you to [...]

SeoQuake – my favourite SEO tool

ShareTweet Now if you don’t already have this tool, this could make your life a WHOLE lot easier. Well your SEO life anyway, it doesn’t actually help you get a boyfriend or anything like that. Now that would be a great tool? Boyfriend toolbar.. The SeoQuake tool was originally a Mozilla Firefox extension, but they have recently added a Internet Explorer version. Although I would highly recommend you start using Firefox if you are not already using it. Much better, cooler plugins and not to mention so much safer browsing. Ok now this wasn’t meant to be a blogpost about Firefox =) Anyway, back to SeoQuake. This tool is awesome, it allows you to view a large number of SEO [...]

How Do YOU Find Your Keywords These Days?

ShareTweet Yes, I know I should post a lot more often, but (without making too many excuses) I’m juggling a few too many things in the air at the moment, and days just keep slipping by… tut-tut! OK, now down to business. I wanted to touch on a few topics related to keyword list building in general. Actually I’m about to talk more towards the PPC end of things, and hopefully one of my fellow Chicks will churp in (see what I did there) for the SEO part if relevant. So I wanted to ask you – where do you find your precious keyword (kwd) “gold dust” these days? With all these new kwd tools coming out of the wood [...]