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How to get the most from your data

ShareTweet Web analytics is a topic that gets mixed reactions, much like SEO really. Some people think it’s a myth, others are intimidated by the data, some know it is important but are limited to the basics and others can’t get enough (that’s me!). As an analytics specialist I find that my role includes the bits you would expect – implementing tracking code solutions and analysing data – but it also requires offering assistance in making the most of the data, from changing clients’ attitudes to encourage them to use their analytics more, to showing how the data can be used much more effectively. The big thing behind this is that analytics isn’t about numbers.

5 Top Analytics Trick & Tips From Around The Web

ShareTweet   I’ve been looking up a host of analytics questions this month – from APIs and integration to dashboards and segments. One minute I’ve just got a quick practical question to double check and the next I’m 2 hours immersed in a world of analytics tidbits that I hadn’t realised. Then SEO Chick Anna posted some great new tricks and tips on using Google Analytics quickly and effectively - some great keyboard shortcuts in there! It occurred to me that we haven’t really had a roundup of useful analytics posts in some time. And boy are there are a lot out there. So here, to make your lives easier and save you the time I spent getting caught up in [...]

Using Google Analytics Quickly and Effectively

ShareTweet We all lead busy lives and have a lot to do every day, we don’t have time to be keeping an eye on our website activity on a very regular basis. So I’m going to take you through my recommendations for keeping on top of your Google Analytics data when you have limited time available. The post includes tips for setting up and using shortcuts, custom reports, dashboards, alerts and keyboard shortcuts – and nifty ways to combine and speed these up further. As today’s post is all about speed I’ll dive straight in!

Troubleshooting Common Google Analytics Problems & Questions

ShareTweet I wonder how many questions we all ask every day? I imagine it must be quite a lot. From ‘how are you?’ to ‘do you like this song?’, ‘would I want a link from this site?’ to ‘would you like to sign the deal?’. We are inquisitive and would never succeed in anything if we didn’t ask questions. So I wanted to take some of the common questions I get asked about Google Analytics and answer them for you. My bounce rate is fantastic, is it because my website is so good? Usually, a very low bounce rate is a sign that there is a problem with the tracking code. Around or under 10% suggests there are two pageviews [...]

The Controversy of Online Privacy

ShareTweet There have been a lot of discussions about online privacy recently, from those of us who work in the online world to newsrooms and parliaments. I want to take a look at what really matters to people when they’re online and highlight a few areas that are often overlooked. Specifically, I’m looking at the cookie law (and flaws for webmasters), Google’s Privacy Policy (and flaws for users), and also some useful tips to help you understand things better (or see where Google’s got it wrong!).

Beef, Arsenic and Web Analytics – Getting the Right Numbers

ShareTweet Have you ever listened to the news reporting the latest study about how dreadful things have become or what the latest item likely to kill you is and found yourself thinking how can that be true? Did you ever then consider the elements behind the report? Or did you, like the journalists and talk show hosts, wonder how it’s all come to this? I think it’s time we all started thinking more critically about numbers and rocking the right ones! Whether it’s numbers in the news, or, more importantly, numbers in the reports you’re looking at in another window right now, have a second thought about them and see what you think.