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I hate to admit it, but I think I LOVE the New Google Analytics

ShareTweet   Normally, I like to spend sometime using a new product before coming to a decision about it, but I couldn’t wait on this one. At the web metrics conference today in Washington D.C (which I am not at since occasionally even I have to do work) Avinash Kaushnik announced the new Google Analytics Beta. Over the last 12 hours I have seen new features start to appear in the variety of analytics account that I work with, and I have to say, it is pretty amazing and I only have about 20% of the new additions. Disclaimer: Yes, I know Google having all of our information is a terrible thing and could easily lead to a Skynet and [...]

When Measurement Fails, Analytics Become Useless

ShareTweet I have a terrible habit. Every morning, I get on the scales to check to see if Ive lost weight or fat. In fact, the habit is so bad that sometimes Ill get on two or three times a morning and even through the day. Measurement is fine and good but sometimes daily measurement of small or difficult to measure changes can be frustrating and inaccurate (unless it says I lost weight then its accurate). The other day I noticed that by simply allowing 30 minutes to lapse without doing anything, my body fat percentage dropped by four percent and I lost 100g (apparently). Well, I thought, forgo food and activity and by lunch I should be at [...]

Stop Wasting Money! 10 Ways Not to be a Dumbass

I decided to put a list together of 10 ways you or your client may be wasting money they could be paying you.

Accuracy: It’s Not Just A Song By The Cure

ShareTweet If you’ve ever extolled the virtues of the total accuracy of online metrics to anyone, you’ve been guilty of lying and you’re going to burn in hell. I’ll be there too though, so try and find some good indie music and maybe some cheese dip and try and drag those along. In web metrics, discrepancies abound. If you’ve ever run two sets of metrics on the exact same data, you’ve most likely received two totally different sets of numbers. There are reasons for that, of course, but they may not make sense to someone who isn’t overly technical (or bright, like many of my past clients.) So when we’re telling someone that yes, he or she should funnel more [...]

Bucephalus Bouncing Ball Rates

ShareTweet Bounce rate is a critical web statistic that can give you tons of valuable information about landing pages on your website. As it’s a simple percentage (based on how many users hit a page without going elsewhere on your site in a session divided by the total number of users who hit that page) it’s a measurement that doesn’t tax your brain too much (hopefully.) If you’re going to take the time to drive traffic to your site, the least you can do is make sure users don’t leave immediately. However, it’s not a clearcut statistic like you may think it is (and like I have kind of implied that it is, too.) Avinash Kaushik states that “My own [...]

Even A Blind Hog Finds An Acorn Now and Then

ShareTweet In the South we have a saying that “Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then.” For all you Yankees and people who’ve never watched “The Dukes of Hazzard” or my personal favorite, “Mama’s Family”, this means that we’re all occasionally lucky. However, to consistently do well in SEO, you need more than simple luck. You might need to actually think a bit too, or get a smart friend. It’s fairly common to do a bit of testing in PPC campaigns to see which keywords have the highest conversion or which ad title attracts the most clicks. It’s also quite easy to see this information in the ad interfaces, which may explain why those of us who [...]