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If You Like Inaccuracy, You’ll LOVE Alexa!

ShareTweet is regarded by many people as an authority. However, if you’ve been reading a lot of SEO blogs recently you’ll know that many of us in the industry are fed up with this site and its utter lack of accuracy. Save everyone some time and read this Slashdot article for an excellent piece on just how bad Alexa really is. I couldn’t have put this any better. So therein lies the issue of what else to use for internet measurements? Alexa may be the name that everyone knows, but it certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on this type of information. There ARE alternatives. OK there are TWO free alternatives that I found that seem even remotely decent (meaning [...]

Get Anal-Retentive about your Anal-ytics

ShareTweet A short month after I was bestowed the auspicious status of SEO-Chick, I finally got let out of my SEOmoz cage and am thus just now authoring my first post. (Sorry Lisa, it’s been a busy month at the MozQuarters. Please don’t abuse me in yet another one of your drunken stupors.) Anyway, one of the tasks I was busy with was putting together extensive site reviews for a couple of clients. One of the sections of the site review was an analytics overview, detailing what actions should be tracked, how to use your analytics, and specific action tracking recommendations. I’m sure a lot of you are rolling your eyes and thinking “You’ve got to be kidding me. This [...]