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When is a Link a Paid Link?

ShareTweet The current and perennially hot topic of PAID LINKS has had me thinking since the summer about the nature of payment for a link and how all links might be paid links. I work in the media sector. As such, I get some freebies from the journalists or am sent things directly for review. I also go to drinks events, launches, conferences and other events as part of my job. It was at the Moo Summer party that I began to wonder – if I blog about this party and link to it, is that a paid link? YES and NO. YES it IS a paid link because with several thousands being spent on food and booze, any links were clearly [...]

What Are Words For?

ShareTweet Editor’s Note: after reading this and having a friend comment that it didn’t flow, I’d like to say that the whole point I’m trying to make here is that you shouldn’t listen to all the people who tell you what not to do. I apologize in advance. This post kind of sucks but it IS my turn. What are words for, when no one listens anymore? (Missing Persons reference. I’m sure you caught it.) There’s a fairly inane little article in MarketingProfs about 100 words you shouldn’t use in an email subject line, although it’s not much more than a list without any explanation of why these words are so bad. I can’t be arsed to test whether or [...]

SEO, SEM and Landing Page Relevance in Search

ShareTweet Shopping at and after the holidays can be a frustrating ordeal as can finding a place to stay. The SERPs are full of useless results no matter how carefully you qualify your search for the perfect gift or place to stay. Add to the mix an inappropriate landing page for the PPC ads you select and tempers can boil. As SEMs and SEOs, we strive to optimise our pages for the appropriate key phrases (*AHEM*) and land customers at pages which suit their needs and desires in accordance with their search. With paid adverts, landing a searcher at the right page can seem easier than pure optimised pages, especially when pesky internal navigation skews relevancy. With 80% of searchers [...]

2007= The Year of Facebook

ShareTweet What is Blue and White and Read All Over? What has more than 59 million users? Has 250,000 new members per day since January 2007? Has more than 14 million photos uploaded daily? Has More than 65 billion page views per month? No…. Not Orkut. The Answer is Facebook! Whether you love it or hate it, if you are reading this blog, you are a Facebook member and you use it daily. Every SEO Chick has a Facebook. Here is how People were using Facebook in August 2007: It was only a matter of time before every SEO, Link Bulider, and Internet Marketer in general saturated this amazing Social Networking site and took over. When the opportunity arrived over [...]

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Post Is About You

ShareTweet Another day, another stupidly funny blog post title. So I like to think… “Every author, however modest, keeps a most outrageous vanity chained like a madman in the padded cell of his breast.” Logan Pearsall Smith Since we’ve recently welcomed the highly talented Stephanie Weingart to our blog, I thought I’d tackle an issue that arose when she baited me, quite successfully, into an interview. It’s that horrible example of one of the Seven Deadly Sins…vanity. Well, vanity is the example of Pride, which is a…damn nation, you know what I mean here. This is a piece about vanity and I don’t mean the girl that Prince hung out with either. Oh, and it’s about SEO of course. “We [...]

Vegas – the Perfect Customer Service?

ShareTweet Well, since we’ve covered Vegas in almost every imaginable light already, I thought that I have to do it justice from a pure marketing point of view too. Yes, it is a great place to network, and an even better place to party. But what most people wouldn’t notice about Vegas (or at least wouldn’t think twice about), is the remarkable customer service. OK, I feel I have to slip in a little disclaimer here as my post will be a little biased towards the good rather than the bad experiences. Please humor me and refrain from remembering any painful customer service experiences in an off the strip hotel bar and so on… So, if like me, you enjoy [...]