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Stop Shoegazing and Look To Vertical

ShareTweet Apologies to any offended emo fans… Vertical search engines are like vertical stripes…ok in some cases, blatantly offensive in others. Well, at least they’re maybe NOT so ok in other cases, actually. A vertical search engine is one that has many aliases, including topical search engines, vortals, specialty search engines, and niche search engines. They’ve been around for awhile, coming into favor and going out again, but for many industries, they’re really what matters and they have the potential to send more relevant traffic to certain sites than the regular major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. A vertical search engine’s database is a lot more focused than that of a major search engine, so queries tend to [...]

How Do YOU Find Your Keywords These Days?

ShareTweet Yes, I know I should post a lot more often, but (without making too many excuses) I’m juggling a few too many things in the air at the moment, and days just keep slipping by… tut-tut! OK, now down to business. I wanted to touch on a few topics related to keyword list building in general. Actually I’m about to talk more towards the PPC end of things, and hopefully one of my fellow Chicks will churp in (see what I did there) for the SEO part if relevant. So I wanted to ask you – where do you find your precious keyword (kwd) “gold dust” these days? With all these new kwd tools coming out of the wood [...]

Bypassing the directory description in the SERPs

ShareTweet Ok I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the meta description IS very important for your search engine optimisation efforts. Not because it will rank you higher, BUT it will distinguish your website from your competitors in the SERPs. Ignoring this tag, is plain stupid! Imagine you get a FREE ad in one of the most popular newspapers, would you ignore the content of the ad, would you bullocks! Rant over, but I’m sure I’ll bring it up again But sometimes you can follow the rules, writing unique, descriptive meta description tags for each page, but when you check the SERPs you realize that’s NOT at all what you wrote. I bet you a bottom dollar [...]

In-House SEM – Limited Shelf Life?

After reading Jessica Bowman’s recent article “When the Honeymoon Ends, In-house” I got to thinking about my own position as an in-house SEM and the problems with us folk moving around, going agency side and leaving to start SEM companies. Do in-house SEM/SEO/SMOs have a limited shelf life? Yes – in a number of ways.

Optimize for Users, Not Just Search Engines

ShareTweet Things that irritate people on a site will make them not want to come back…how hard is it to code a required field as such? When there are 10 boxes to fill out and 9 are yellow, one assumes that the yellow ones are required and the white one is not. However, that’s not always the case and those pesky errors that show up dictating what you must do are really, really obnoxious in cases like this. I spent a few years as a programmer and I can assure you that coding a required field takes only the smallest bit of effort. Even if you aren’t at all trained in usability, you still know something about it from your [...]

Google – Kicking the Habit

don’t know quite when it happened. I do remember the early days – the days of AltaVista and the instant movement when you changed your website code. I remember the trouble getting in to Yahoo!, the importance of being on DMOZ (I might still have a few editor IDs hanging out on there), WebFerret and Dogpile and I remember the revolution that was Google