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Local SEO events – because you’re worth it!

ShareTweet I do love going to conferences, but I must confess that the really valuable advice has been from attending “local” and FREE events with LondonSEO. This Friday (3rd August) Im going to the LondonSEO by the Sea Party in Brighton. I first heard of LondonSEO after writing a blogpost about the “UK SEO community” on my other shamelessly outdated blog.The masterminds behind LondonSEO , are the lovely hunkaburninloves at PartyPoker; Mike Nott, Ecky and Evilgreendonkey. LondonSEO organised their first event (ha ha Jay you look about 13 in that photo) way back in December 2005, and have been organising regular events (ehm…parties really) ever since. Now this is not only a plug for LondonSEO (cause I do love those [...]

Plan on Stupid

ShareTweet As much as it pains me to admit this, I think that we should all optimize for misspellings. I’m having trouble breathing right now. After being thrown out of the 6th grade spelling bee for misspelling “vacuum” I’ve always been somewhat rigid about proper spelling (even attempting to spell things in the proper British manner when speaking to those limeys.) I also think w is a vowel and would be happy to state my case for those of you who are also similarly nuts when it comes to the alphabet. As you may know, most people are poor spellers. I think that a lot of this comes from not reading but with the popularity of John Grisham, it’s no [...]

Redirecting using IP detection is it cloaking?

ShareTweet One of my clients, a conference calling company called Powwownow, has been doing really well in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for the last year. They have now expanded and started doing business also in the US. The UK site had two domains and, now that they have a US website we have transferred the .com domain to their US website. BUT its never easy is it? The US site is still ranking very high in the UK SERPs and the UK website is nowhere to be seen. As this whole site is about conference calling, all the dial-in numbers etc are for US users (of course) but the problem is that UK users keep on [...]

Are Friends Electric?

ShareTweet In case you happen to be thinking “how can Julie work a song by Gary Numan into a post?” here you go…the title is my favorite Gary Numan song (Gary rules! go watch his stuff on YouTube) and since I’ve been working over in London this week with some of the best people on the planet, I thought I’d address the topic of how easy it is to become insulated when you’re doing SEO. If you wanted to, you could make good money doing SEO without ever seeing another human being. You can learn enough to get started by reading blogs, posting to forums, and communicating with other SEOs via email, instant messenger systems, or phone calls. You can [...]

There’s No Place Like Your Homepage

ShareTweet In case you don’t know much about directory structure (or you’re just an idiot), the home page is the most important one on any site. It’s first in the hierarchy, it’s usually going to be what other inbound links point to, and it’s your chance to grab a visitor’s attention. If your homepage is a hideous deformed freak then it won’t matter whether the rest of your pages are like the web equivalent of the hot chick from The Raveonettes because no one’s going to bother. Lisa (Viking chick, really cute and blonde, bit of a firebrand) and I had a great discussion the other night about ip redirecting and she’s going to post about that soon so I [...]

Marketing in The Mix

ShareTweet With all the PPC and SEO talk around here lately, I felt the need to bring in a bit of Marketing talk to the mix. The point I want to make is, that if you’re looking at starting your own business, or if you’ve already got one, you can’t afford to look at each item separately – it doesn’t work that way. You need Marketing, and SEO, and PPC. I know of many excellent SEO brains, that know their stuff inside out, and can virtually work magic in the SERPS, but that alone doesn’t build a sustainable business. On the other hand, just focusing on PPC, can be a way to make big cash online, but it’s an incomplete [...]