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ad:tech London roundup

ShareTweet Although I only spent a half a day at ad:tech London I managed to cram in quiet a lot. Before I went I wrote a list of the people I wanted to see and what I needed to find out (how organised am I, time management my friend!!). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the exhibition and quite shocked over the dominance of SEO/SEM companies exhibiting. Literally every other stand was a search company! I met some of the “Big” SEO companies, amongst others, the guys from Big Mouth Media, and I must say that it is NO irony they are called Big Mouth, that is so suitably descriptive, just big mouths! Another few words that springs [...]

The Danger of Online Censorship

ShareTweet If you’ll recall, the internet used to be somewhat free of censorship, back before anyone realized how powerful it would become. It’s all relative of course, but it was harder to control online information than it was to control print media and television reporting. Things seem to be really changing now, unfortunately. Online censorship has been all over the news over the past year. With the latest reports of Myanmar/Burma cutting off internet access to help quash a rebellion, we’re seeing how critical the internet has become. Censorship seems to be a governmental response to something that, otherwise, they really have absolutely no idea how to handle. I have never been a fan of censorship. It’s incredibly dangerous to [...]

The Good, The Bad, and Yahoo!

ShareTweet Have you been sitting around, bored out of your mind and wondering what nefarious and mind-blowingly ridiculous things your favorite little search engines have been up to lately? Here’s a quick roundup in case you haven’t been paying attention to all the ethical aspects of our collective internet obsession… Yahoo! Yahoo recently claimed to have simply been obeying Chinese law when handing over personal details of Wang Xiaoning, a Chinese man who had been openly critical of the Chinese government. Wang Xiaoning was subsequently sentenced to ten years in prison. His horrific crime was promoting democracy through the use of an online forum. In response to this, and other incidents, Yahoo is being sued in a U.S. court for [...]

ad:tech London SEO Meet-Up

ShareTweet For those of you that are in London, please feel free to join us for a SEO Meet/Piss-up after London ad:tech tomorrow, Thursday 27th. Location: Crown & Sceptre Time: from 6ish I have also opened a facebook group called ad:tech London SEO meet up Currently it’s about 30-35 people.Amongst other SEO Chick Judith, Ylan (SEO FanGirl), a bunch of the LondonSEO crew and many more… It should be a cracking evening! Come along! As we have been on the theme of Ninja cats this week…

You Are What You Search

ShareTweet When I was a youngster, my grandma always said, or yelled rather, “you’re gonna turn into a damned grilled cheese sandwich!” because I ate them constantly. At first I had lovely visions of being all gooey and buttery but then I realized that Grandma was really just a forward thinker who first began to envision the notion of “You are what you search.” In my mind, at least. The problem is, you’re not. There’s a great article in the September 18, 2007 PC Magazine. And no I do not regularly read this periodical. It was pointed out to me. It’s entitled “You Are What You Search” just like this post! I can’t believe they have the nerve to copy [...]

London Conferencing – Switched On, Plugged In, SEO-Chick Action!

ShareTweet I’m studiously avoiding the conference talk I have to write on the top 10 ranking factors I committed to do. I’m thinking of sticking with the successful talk from last time and just adding a slide at the end which summarises my talk points.In doing so, I am also avoiding the articles I have to write although you’ll note I’m writing this blog post. It makes it *look* like I’m writing either an article or my talk. So I started to look around beyond the October 3rd date in my diary for my speaking engagement to other conferences and shows when an email pops in to my inbox about Internet World winning Gold for ‘Best Business Exhibition’ and the [...]