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Where Are Your Manners?

ShareTweet It may not seem evident all the time, as I’d like, but I really do place a high value on civility. With the recent blog posts about how certain people in the SEO industry are constantly being harrassed by other SEOs asking them to Digg a story, etc., I have to wonder if barbarism is getting a hold on some of us in this industry. It’s not just people bugging Rebecca and other “names” in SEO for votes either. That’s simply the latest thing that I’ve read about that disgusts me…it’s the blatant attacks that are being put out there for the world to see in comments, it’s email threats, and it’s the incessant bickering that goes on in [...]

Our Princess Leia – an interview with Dazzlin Donna!

ShareTweet It’s not a secret that the SEO-Chicks are big Dazzlin Donna stalkers (ermmm fans..), so we begged (erm asked) if we could interview her for our blog. For those of you that don’t know who Dazzlin Donna is, shame on you! Donna Fontenot (aka Dazzlin Donna) is a SEO guru from Southern Louisiana, she has been in the SEO industry for a very long time, she runs the excellent SEO blog SEO Scoop as well as the blog Dazzlin Donna. Donna is an SEO Chick of the highest class and someone we very much look up to. If Donna was a character from Star Wars we think she would be Princess Leia! Here are the questions we asked Donna [...]

Search is dead – long live search

ShareTweet As predictable as the seasons are the debates that come and go regarding search optimisation.  As pages of publications flip and fingers whirr over keyboards, the change in the wind heralds yet another round of bashing search – and those of us who work in the industry. Part of finding what we want on the World Wide Web involves a search of some sort.  We google on Google, ask on Ask, and search on Yahoo! & Live all the while attempting to uncover some piece of information, find that hidden gem. Yet as the web gets more and more complex, we find ourselves abandoning traditional search techniques to utilise the ‘wisdom of crowds’ – looking to social search and Yahoo! [...]

Could A Chimp Do SEO? Heck YES!

ShareTweet As a world class SEO, could you be replaced by an ape? Chimpanzees and humans share anywhere from 98 to 99 percent of their DNA. And yes, a chimp is an ape, not a monkey. Apes don’t have tails, monkeys do. Knowing this, I’ll expect you to properly lecture young children at the zoo when they point at the chimps and yell “monkey!” How are we similar? Well, for one thing, we both throw a lot of excrement around. Sure, humans may do it verbally but it’s not too different. Obviously we look similar, with some of us looking even more similar than others. Our brains and central nervous systems are quite alike as well. So with this in [...]

SEO Chick speaking at SMX London

ShareTweet Wohaaa, now I’m so excited about this I can barely control myself (barely I said!!). It’s all confirmed, hopefully they can’t change their mind now =) I am speaking at SMX London on Thursday the 15th November at 1-2:15 pm (ok too many details, ha!). I’m on the panel “Leveraging Social Media Networks” and then, on the 2nd day, 16th November I’m on the panel at 10:45 speaking on !Search Marketing for B2B Companies!. As a speaker I can offer a 10% discount to SEO-Chicks readers,just send an email to seochicks[at] and I’ll email you a discount code. Also worth putting in your diary is the big LondonSEO party on Friday the 16th after the conference, although the evilgreendonkey [...]

Time To Count Your PageRank Losses

ShareTweet It’s all over the blogosphere (a word that I hate but hey, it works here) that PageRank has decreased for many sites recently, possibly due to them being penalized for buying links. Google isn’t confirming the reason right now. Normally we try not to comment on items that have been commented upon endlessly, but I’ll make an exception here since a very sweet reader asked for my opinion and, when informed that I wasn’t planning to write about it since everyone else was doing so already, he said that he wasn’t planning on reading anyone else’s opinion. He wanted mine, so here you go…and thanks Gene. You’ve obviously received the bribery check. Here’s my crackpot theory: Google drops the [...]