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Pubcon, Ass Juice, and Hot Dogs

ShareTweet Vegas is a sewer. I learned that, plus a few other things I’d like to share on behalf of all of us at SEO Chicks. Sorry we didn’t blog last week but we were too busy drinking and recovering from hangovers to do much of anything other than moan and stagger around. OK I’m mainly speaking for Lisa but in general, I think all of us were quite busy out there. Also, since we’re all social whores I’ll try and squeeze in some relevant photos here, to illustrate my points. I didn’t get many photos of Lisa but oddly enough, there are only about 1000 other people who did! 1. Referring to Judith as “the chick with the big [...]

The SEO Chicks Turn 3.5 Years Old In Dog Years!

ShareTweet OK so we’re celebrating our first 6 months of blogging with a quite lengthy (but typically fascinating) glimpse into the minds of the SEO Chicks. The photo is courtesy of my good friend Gene. He’s afraid the other girls will kill him so I am not linking to him here. It’s so hysterically bad that I had to put it up…it serves me right that I look the most idiotic, too. Anita, never again mention the Spice Girls!! Once I stop laughing I will continue being serious and professional, naturally. OK then, I’m good now. It’s our 6 month anniversary and naturally we wanted to commemorate the occasion with a post about this. We’ve all been completely thrilled by [...]

How To Act Right in Vegas

ShareTweet Since some of you may be going to PubCon and staying at the very posh Wynn (the hotel of choice for the SEO Chicks minus one), I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you some pointers and let you all learn from my past experience. To properly enjoy your stay, please keep the following in mind, especially whilst inebriated. I might suggest laminating a copy of this post to carry with you at all times, in fact, as a plastic covering will keep the tips from being soaked with the copious amounts of alcohol that you’ll most likely be drinking. And spilling. 1. The Wynn really is a posh place. Public drunkenness is everywhere in Vegas, but at [...]

Interview With Danny Sullivan

ShareTweet After interviewing Danny Sullivan for Technology Weekly (while you have to sign up for it, it is free), I decided to create a blog post from it and scavange up bits from the internet to fill in my blanks (future of search taken from “Out of my Gord“). Danny Sullivan is one of the best-known names in the world of internet search technology. Since first researching how search engine algorithms worked back in 1995, Danny Sullivan has remained one of the world’s foremost public authorities on search algorithms. Everyone from Google’s founders to ordinary business people have looked to him as an expert as they discovered the importance of relevant search results. His early monitoring of search engine changes, [...]

SEO Chick Will Swap Chocolate for PubCon Party Invites

ShareTweet Shameless as I am, I am soliciting party invites at PubCon in exchange for sweedish druid chocolate. That’s the good stuff mind you – Marks & Spenser truffles! Please!  That lovely, creamy, lucious sweedish druid chocolate of SMX fame is going to PubCon Vegas and I’m willing to swap A WHOLE BOX to get the SEO chicks all in to a party. We’re all sad and lonely and some of us aren’t even going to the talks *sniffles* So please – your donation of party invites for the SEO Chicks will be going to a worthy cause.  You’ll be able to feel better knowing your donated party invites will help all the SEO Chicks enjoy themselves. Small children will hug you [...]

When PPC Doesn’t Work (and yes, I have the ads turned on)

ShareTweet Have you ever had a client who did NOT do well in PPC? I have one now, and here’s why I don’t think that it’s simply my being an idiot (although it doesn’t help the case) that’s causing the ads to perform poorly: I’ve been able to do well in every other paid campaign that I’ve ever run. Really well, in many cases, with seriously high conversion rates and excellent ROI. However, I can’t crack this nut. There are obviously industries that perform best in certain arenas, whether it be organic listings, paid listings, billboards, magazine ads, etc. radio spots, etc. However, I’m on a quest to figure out what I could try to make sure I’m doing everything [...]