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One Industry That Doesn’t Need SEO

ShareTweet I tend to think that almost every industry would benefit from SEO…but lately I have been realizing that there really are some whose spirit would be quite crushed by something that leads to mass exposure, namely the independent music scene. Indie music, for instance, IS so fantastic because it’s, well, it’s INDEPENDENT and not mass-produced. There are obviously many benefits to not being on a major label and many artists going this route don’t do so simply out of the inability to secure a major contract; they do so because they don’t fit into mass-market slots and they don’t want to lose their artistic integrity by being shaped and sold as a package. That’s the way I like to [...]

Check Me Baby One More Time *Ooh*

ShareTweet I’ve got that warm and fuzzy feeling that usually only my husband evokes.  Something has me all hot and bothered.  I’ve been playing with myself at – and of course by “myself” I mean my websites.  God you people have dirty minds!  My husband is a programmer and he makes fantastically innovative bits of code.  For goodness sake people!  Minds in gutters…. What a fantastic tool!  Why did someone not come up with this sooner – Aaron, you are a god (possibly a Nordic one)!  I can now solve a gazillion phone calls from friends who just need a little bit of advice by pointing them at this tool. Please everyone with “how to” sites out there – please [...]

The Importance of Having a Thick Skin

ShareTweet Recently SEOmoz has had the pleasure of being caught in several bloggers’ scopes because of the controversy behind Rand’s Google Payola post. While much of the criticism was largely professional and constructive, some of it has been more personal and not constructive. Regardless of the type of criticism, it’s essential to react to it appropriately, especially when the Internet is essentially your workplace. Before I delve further, let me be the first one to admit that I am a stubborn person (thanks, Kelley genes), and I’ve had my feathers ruffled a few times online. It can be difficult to respond to professionally to criticism, whether it’s constructive or a personal attack. In light of recent events, however, I’ve thought [...]

Yet Another Use for Social Media

ShareTweet Apparently the Facebook group “1,000,000 Strong for Stephen T Colbert” is the fastest-growing Facebook ever (if you believe the hype, and I’m gullible so yes, I do.) This is only slightly more impressive than the SEO Chicks Facebook group reaching 69 members in close to 6 months. However, we have not (yet) threatened to crush the state of Georgia so that’s most likely why we’re not seeing such a massive spike. The Colbert group and all the other groups that involve a drumming up of support for his Presidential bid are doing an amazing job of basically conducting a massive free focus group session. This is an absolutely brilliant use of social media. It’s funny and innovative enough that [...]

B2B Marketing Awards

ShareTweet Last night I attended the B2B Marketing Awards in London, and it was an awesome night. All dressed up like cindafuckinrella =) The agency I work for, Base One, was nominated in quite a few categories and won “B2B Agency of the Year”. And as Julie mentioned I was nominated and WON “B2B Newcomer of the Year“. I was going to be all modest and not blow my own trumpet, but heck sod it, I’m estatic, and also possibly a little drunk still The awards were amazing and took place in The Brewery in London (yeah I know, how English, an award cermony in a brewery), but it was a truly amazing venue. It felt like the Oscars. Round [...]

Lisa D Takes Home Pulitzer for Best Blog

ShareTweet Um, not really…but close! Since everyone’s favorite Norwegian is very modest, I thought I’d quickly write something to let you all know that Lisa won the B2B Marketing Newcomer of the Year Award last night. Since I could go on and on and on about why she deserves it and why I love her so much, I will take this time to be concise and just say how proud the SEO Chicks are of our fearless leader. And don’t worry…I’ve told her that she owes us a post about it so hopefully we’ll all hear more soon. So Lisa, serious congratulations to you. We all knew you’d win!