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Hi Chuck. Please Drop Dead. Love, Julie.

ShareTweet At the very real risk of embarrassing my link building agency peers (and I type “peers” with all of the irony in the world) with the publishing of what has to be the truly worst attempt to get business EVER, I’d like to say a few things about the way some linking firms go about their business. Warning: this piece won’t use cussin’ because my cousins are now on Facebook and might tell my mama about my foul mouth (she’d at least pretend to be surprised, to keep up appearances), but it will definitely be narsty. I own a link building firm. Yes, that is a poor attempt to build links for it but hey, this is partially my [...]

deCabbit Chocolate Picks of the Season

A chocolaty variety of yumminess that decabbit has chosen from her favourite chocolate

Things That Will, And Things That Will Not, Change

ShareTweet I want to refer back to a post Julie wrote a couple of months ago about writing in SEO. I’ve struggled with this a lot recently, because sometimes it’s just torturous to come up with something new. I get to work at about eight-forty-five every morning and leave sometime before six, and I do SEO all day. Sometimes I do extra things when I get home too, but there is often just nothing noteworthy to say about it. I fix mashed up redirects. I figure out who should link to what from where. I do things that interest me, but do you really want me to write blog posts about the merits of dropping IIS servers off of cliffs? [...]

Optimisation Techniques for Christmas

ShareTweet It happens every year and yet we’re so often not prepared.  We’ve planned the content, organised how it will be executed and yet still we don’t seem to get it done in time.  Optimisation for Christmas always seems possible in January and impossible in November. Some obviously plan their optimisation well in advance, planning things out over the period of the year, ensuring various plans are executed at the most economic point in the annual cycle.  They have their strategy mostly mapped out, with some ‘wiggle room’ built in for last minute acquisitions at odd times in the cycle. Others stick to a rigid, time-optimised plan, executing to strict guidelines within certain geographic regions with a very specific target [...]

SEO Chicks – Too Cool For School?

ShareTweet The accusation was levelled at the SEO Chicks recently that they had become semi-rock stars and had no time for chatting to people. As a person who often wears themselves out trying to meet people, and has had various parts of her body assaulted at these events while meeting people, I was quite distressed that anyone would think that of any of us chicks. At the last LondonSEO I spent time walking through extreme crowds, trying not to get my body touched in inappropriate ways while handing out chocolate. You’d be surprised what the poor thing gets subjected to on a regular basis. The chocolate lasted about an hour, part of which I was stationary for. I tried to [...]

Nepotism and Networking

ShareTweet Ah, nepotism. Glorious, glorious nepotism. In case Ciaran‘s reading this, nepotism is nicely defined here. Nepotism happens out of necessity in this industry. You get gigs doing blogging, consulting, conference speaking, and who knows what else (even those pesky real jobs) through knowing the right people. Obviously you need to back things up with actual ability, but many times, what gets you IN at first is definitely who you know. I’m taking a serious risk here by paraphrasing something said by the principal in the Molly Ringwald classic “Pretty in Pink”…if you send out signals that you don’t want to belong, people will make sure that you don’t. I learned this quite quickly in high school and even through [...]