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I hate to admit it, but I think I LOVE the New Google Analytics

ShareTweet   Normally, I like to spend sometime using a new product before coming to a decision about it, but I couldn’t wait on this one. At the web metrics conference today in Washington D.C (which I am not at since occasionally even I have to do work) Avinash Kaushnik announced the new Google Analytics Beta. Over the last 12 hours I have seen new features start to appear in the variety of analytics account that I work with, and I have to say, it is pretty amazing and I only have about 20% of the new additions. Disclaimer: Yes, I know Google having all of our information is a terrible thing and could easily lead to a Skynet and [...]

Remember what you did last New Year’s day?

ShareTweet or the few days around then… Goals and ambitions, whether personal or work related, keep us moving forward from day to day. And we all love making ourselves feel better by honoring a time-old tradition of setting ourselves some New Years Resolutions… Before I get to a point of sounding sarcastic, I will get to THE POINT! As far as New Years Resolutions are concerned we fall into one of 3 groups: Group 1 – The ones that have all the dreams. They get motivated for “big things” in the coming year. They plan – all in their head – of how great things will be, how much more money they’ll make, and how far up the corp. ladder [...]

I’d Do Anything For SEO But I Won’t Do THAT

ShareTweet Yes, there are some things that even I won’t do. Unfortunately, I have lowered myself to using Meatloaf (the singer, not the food product) as inspiration so I’ll have to check that one off the list…Joe Strummer is turning over in his grave. In my line of work (link building), there are times when clients ask me to do some vaguely shifty things, as I’ve mentioned before. (Let me insert the disclaimer here of how I actually do warn the client about potential issues, before any of you start yelling at me about how I’m a moneygrubbing, unethical blight on the industry.) However, there honestly are some things that, when asked, even I will not do…the actuals aren’t important [...]

SEO University: Should Academia Be Our Standard?

ShareTweet Recently, the SEO industry debated whether or not we need standards as part of our profession’s requirements. You may have heard about it. I made a bored face. It does not seem viable that any real restrictions could be put on an online industry like this, but I wonder about the pros and cons of introducing SEO as an academic field in which one can earn a college degree. Let’s look at these advantages and disadvantages: Advantages Official training. This is a given within accredited colleges and accounts for everything from my degree in English (I am officially licensed to write good and do other stuff good too) to the certifications given to surgeons. Certified instructors. With university courses [...]

deCabbit About Town… an da Wurld

ShareTweet Seems shooting off my gob is becoming a habit – an addictive one at that.  Knowing how much trouble my mouth can get me in, I decided to channel it in to something more productive.  So I’m doing some speaking stuff and in case you’d like to come alone to heckle or support, I thought I’d share. Today I’m off talking about Online Brand Reputation Management at the Web 2.0 Practical Applications for Business Benefit Conference Something I think everyone needs to do but I’m specifically talking brands.  I’ll be talking people later   Today I’m just focusing on trying to help brands do better stuff online. Next week, I get to gab about my in-house experiences before I [...]

Verizon Fios: Doing Twitter Right!

ShareTweet It seems like years ago now that I moved into my own apartment and started looking at cable and Internet options. In actuality it was only two months ago. When I discovered that Verizon Fios was available in my location, I automatically went online to activate an account and schedule an installation. I wanted the fastest Internet possible! The online activation was simple and easy to use. In about five minutes I put in my information and scheduled a date. One second later I got what I thought was a confirmation email. The email lacked any sort of number or code however. I called customer service to alert them about my order and their neglect on confirmation numbers. The [...]