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Lucky 7 Conference Tips

ShareTweet A few weeks back, I spoke at a small conference in Las Vegas for the Forex market called the Forex Affiliate Conference, which is run by the guys from the Casino Affiliate Conference. It was the smallest conference I ever spoke at (about 20 people) but it ended up being one of the most productive. I made some really great connections and was able to target my presentation to what information would be most useful for the attendees. From speaking there, I came up with some conference tips that are appropriate for any upcoming event you may be attending. Lucky 7 Conference Tips 1. Reserve judgment for the end. Just because a conference has 5,000 attendees doesn’t mean that you [...]

It’s personal – but doesn’t end SEO

ShareTweet I might be a late to the party on this one but it randomly entered into a conversation today, and since I’ve been truly rubbish at posting I thought I would do my 2 cents (or 2 pence, kroners, Euros…whichever rocks your boat) on Google personalised search. To be honest I really don’t get what all the fuss is about. Why do SEOs still fear personlised search? Surely people don’t still think it will take away the need to optimise your website for the search engines? If anything it quantifies the need for optimisation. Personalised search is PERSONAL, doesn’t mean you won’t appear in the SERPs for what you have optimised for. It just means you really need to [...]

Wanna Get Social? My London Conference Picks

ShareTweet Being a geek rarely means going out there and hitting the vibrant social scene around London, Toronto, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Auckland or any of the other cities of the world. Usually it means going to a “networking” event at a conference and drinking until it doesn’t hurt quite so much anymore. Well, funnily enough it’s conference season now that the weather has turned even rainier (how can anyone tell…?). So what’s up and on for conference goers? TONS! In fact, there is so much going on, I’ve pared it back a bit and focused on the place I spend most of my life in – London. My underpants have yet to host a conference, being a single event, [...]

Link Building Ideas For The Link Building-Challenged

ShareTweet Since link building is about as fun as ripping off your own toenails with pliers, I thought it might be useful to spark some creative ideas into the heads of poor, depressed link builders. You know who you are. So without further ado, or maybe with lots of further ado, it depends on my mood… . . . . . Top 3 Link Building Ideas For The Link Building-Callenged Become A Candidate For An Important Political Office (hint: After announcing your candidacy, say lots of incredibly stupid things that suggest you know nothing about politics. That will score you bonus links). Note that this option may cost lots of money, but the really cool thing is that there are [...]

Are Widgets Really Linkbuilding?

ShareTweet I had a conversation with one of the organic guys the other guy during which he proclaimed that if you build a kick-ass widget and placed it on a high-traffic site, it would go viral. Ah, bless… the innocence of youth. His assertion that this was a successful link building campaign led me to ponder whether you can call it link building if all you do is create an application and put a link to it on a high-traffic page. Could you simply create an application and release it into the wild with nothing more than best wishes and call it link building? I would argue that effort has to be made in any instance to call it work. [...]

Win Tickets to A4U Expo

ShareTweet I’m doing a number of speaker slots but one place I’m looking forward to being at is the A4U Expo where there seems to be a mini SEO conference going on. Win tickets to A4U Expo here by leaving a comment. Even if you don’t want to go, please take pity on me by leaving a comment saying you’d go to one of the sessions I’m doing. I’ll be speaking on SEO (or if no one shows up, I’ll be putting my feet up and eating chocolate). In fact, I’m pretty sure my room will be empty on Day 1 as I’m on opposite “Internet Marketing Howlers Uncovered!” and “10 Ways to Get the Most Out of your Paid [...]