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Donate to Charity & Party with MS

ShareTweet At last – a Microsoft party *everyone* is invited to… sort of The team at Microsoft are working on renovating the Sunrise Children’s Centre in Tunbridge. As a part of Barnardo’s, this centre supports over 200 families whose children have learning or physical disabilities. It has bedrooms where children can stay to give their families a break and an extensive day centre. The centre is currently in real need of some renovation. Microsoft’s plan is to fundraise £10,000 which they will put towards improving the centre, creating a games room, revamping the outdoor areas with a pergola, a sensory garden and a new drop-off area plus much more. The MS team will be spending 2 days at the centre [...]

Let’s Talk About Spaceships

ShareTweet I have been known to enjoy, and employ, a musical reference, on the odd occasion, and since I’m listening to Say Hi at the moment, I thought I’d go with it, yet again. We talk about so much utter crap in this industry, and I’ve recently stated that I hate adding to the noise when I have nothing relevant to say. Don’t get your hopes up and think that I have anything relevant to say just because I’m writing now, of course, but I do think it’s quite interesting how we’re saying so much about NOTHING, but we’re not saying anything about what those of us with a bit of sense can do to stop all the massive levels [...]

Blogging Can Be Deadly

ShareTweet Yes, it’s true.  Blogging can kill you.  Two bloggers have died from blogging according to the NY Times Bloggers are dying out there people.  I mean, look at us poor SEO Chicks!  Look at the toll blogging has exacted from us – we’re often silent, recovering from near death.  I’m telling you, this blogging business is a dangerous thing.  Look at that empty tea cup next to me!  I could dehydrate!  I could starve to death, trapped on the couch under the laptop weakened from dehydration by lack of tea!  SOMEONE QUICK GET ME SOME CHOCOLATE! Yes, blogging can be deadly and as such, those of us in the profession apparently need a rescue pack.  None other than the [...]

IM Charity Party – SES San Jose

ShareTweet For anyone who hasn’t heard via Twitter, Sphinn, or Facebook, the charity event of the year is going be held at SES San Jose on Monday August 18th. For a $40 donation to charity, you will get 4 hours of open bar with some of your favorite online marketers like Neil Patel, Michael Gray, Jim Boykin, Chris Winfield, me Lauren Vaccarello and Pat Sexton. The pre-registration for this event has already drawn a lot of attention, but there is still time register. Thanks to Surehits, Webuildpages, BOTW, and ACS SEO all proceeds for the event will go to either the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society or the Children’s Hospital. Details: Where: Agenda Lounge – 399 S.1st street, San Jose, CA [...]

Lisa & Jon’s Engagement Celebrated at LondonSEO

ShareTweet Everyone loves a party and this month LondonSEO hosted a BBQ at the Vibe bar sponsoredby Media Centrix – well, it was almost a BBQ. It also hosted a little celebration to congradulate our own SEO Chick LisaD and Jon on their engagement! Here is the happy couple with a chocolate cupcake each ready to tuck in to the yummy goodness. Look at the size of that ring! WOW! Regrettably the BBQ people did not show up but having Brivck Lane close by means we had plenty to choose from. Many of the people at LondonSEO went off to some of those fine establishments afterwards. The event was great with lots of new people – although the August weather [...]

Love is in the air…

ShareTweet The setting – Fiesole, Italy The characters – playing the fiery viking is LisaD and the swashbuckling hero Jon Myers The action – a romantic dinner, a romantic setting, a romance made in SEO. What could possibly come of something like this but LOOOOOOOOOVE! That’s right folks – the question was popped and LISA SAID YES! Our favourite Viking is getting married and I’m sure everyone wishes her well – I know all the SEO Chicks do! We love our Lisa! I’ll let her tell the whole story but I’m sure that London SMX just got extra special so make sure you’re in town for it! Jon is a wonderful person and Lisa is a special woman and I [...]