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The New SEO Chicks interviewed on Searchcowboys

ShareTweet Last night myself and Bas van den Beld from Searchcowboys interviewed the two new SEO-Chicks; Nichola and Sarah. It was an informal interview about the SEO blogging competition itself, about both the new bloggers and their views on amongst other things; why they entered the competition, their view of blogging and what they think SEO Chicks is all about. I really enjoyed the chat and want to say thank you to Bas for interviewing our new “chicks”, what a great way of introducing them and getting to know them a little better. To listen to the SEO Chicks interview click here Disclaimer: it must be warned that more than one of the three seo chicks had a glass of [...]

Taking the Masks off – Revealing the Identities

ShareTweet The new SEO-Chicks have been revealed and they are already planning their first official blogposts. But as we revealed the identities of our winners we have also received allot of questions from readers about the identies of the other finalist in the blogging competition. So, with their permission, here’s the identities of the other 4 brilliant entries from the blogging competition: Entry #2 – Diplomacy – the hidden quality of a successful Author: Natalie Sandifer Title: Website Optimiser for Equi=Media. About: Natalie have been working within website optimisation for two years, she lives in Swindon, but is originally from Newbury in Berkshire. She lives with her husband and three pet lizards (It seems Sarah isn’t the only one keeping [...]

Emails, Link Requests, and the Death of Politeness

ShareTweet Why are people so freaking nasty? Seriously…WHY? “I’m not going down on my knees begging you to adore me Can’t you see it’s misery and torture for me?” Depeche Mode, Shake the Disease My link builders are truly lovely people. Well, most of them are. Anyway, they get abused like nobody’s bidness. I’ve reviewed every piece of correspondence that they’re involved with, too, and there’s just nothing there to cause someone to spew the venom that they do, based on getting a polite email. Yes, it may be unsolicited (hell, it’s no secret what we do!) but it’s still nice and really, if it bothers you that much to get an email, to the extent that you write back [...]

And the winnners are…..

ShareTweet After our hunt for two new SEO Chicks, more entries than we could shake a stick at, 5 blogposts published and voted for , we can now finally reveal the winners of the blogging competition (and on our brand spanking NEW website none the less). It was a close call, and opinions were split, there were only a few votes between the second and third ‘most voted for’ blogpost! A big thanks to everyone who participated and entered the blogging competition,and last but not least, a big thank you to everyone who voted for the blogposts! Drumroll……………………..and the winners of the blogging compeition are: Entry #1 – Being Anonymous which received 47 votes (21% of the total votes). The [...]

SEO Chicks Competition – Let the Voting Commence!

ShareTweet Wow! We really didn’t imagine getting such fantastic response to the SEO Chicks blogging competition. We even had to extend the deadline as people kept on writing in asking if it was too late to enter. Myself, Julie and Judith have been going back and forth trying to whittle it down to 5 blogposts, in fact we decided to publish 6 as we just couldn’t whittle it down any more. So a big THANK YOU to everyone that has entered, and to those that were not successful on this occassion. Don’t give up, it was NO bad blogposts entered, it was really difficult choosing. So with further ado, please find below links to each blogpost that has been published, [...]

Entry #1 – Being Anonymous

ShareTweet (Image credit When I saw that SEO chicks were looking for a new blogger my mind started buzzing with blog post possibilities. There are so many topic options a girl could tackle. About 15 minutes into my brainstorming, another thought hit me, the post was to be made anonymously, but no one’s writing style is ever really anonymous, we each have our own patterns and rhythms, not to mention words that we use that others would never dream of. Did that mean that people might recognise me by my writing style? Nearly every one of us will write anonymously at some point, whether it’s a guest post, blogging for a client, putting out a press release, or sending [...]