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Entry #2 – Diplomacy: the hidden quality of successful SEO

ShareTweet I never imagined I would end up as an SEO exec, when I left college, I didn’t even know what SEO was let alone consider it as career but somehow my experiences working in both offline and online marketing have lead me here. I believe this experience has given me a quality that some SEO’s lack – diplomacy. Working both agency and client side I have come across a range of people from marketers, developers, creative agencies and designers, copy writers and PR specialists; all of these people need to collaborate to ensure SEO is a success. When auditing a site, you encounter a number of elements which can impair the seo success of a site; from technical aspects, [...]

Entry #3 – PPC decline, Google AdWords & SEO: Where is online marketing headed?

ShareTweet The battle between PPC and SEO for online marketing budgets is an old one; some SEM agencies declare their allegiance to one or the other early on and refuse to consider blurring the lines, while others prefer a flexible approach and incorporate both in their marketing strategies. But even flexible search marketing agencies battle to find a balance between SEO and PPC, especially with clients who want more bang for their buck. Then Hitwise came along with proof that PPC is on a decline while organic search and social networks pick up the lion’s share of traffic. What is an online marketer to do? According to Hitwise, there was a 26% decline in paid clicks for the four weeks [...]

Entry #4 – 15 Must-Follow Tips for Live Tweeting Conferences

ShareTweet Planning to go to an SEO conference? If you’re a regular Twitter user, you’ve no doubt seen people tweeting updates while attending live events. You’ve probably even given it a go yourself. The method is obvious; you update frequently with a hashtag. And that’s it. Wrong. Not if you want to add value and your followers to appreciate your sudden influx of tweets from the event! A little bit of preparation goes a long way. This live tweeting action plan will make sure you add value, interact and actually reap rewards from your live tweeting (yes, really!): Days before the event 1. You know you’re going to the event because (hopefully) you’ve registered by now. If you have more [...]

Entry #5 – What Small Businesses Need From Search Marketers

ShareTweet Before I landed in the Search Marketing industry, I spent 25 years as a serial entrepreneur. So, I naturally think like a small business owner and am drawn to the intricacies of Local Search. By small business I mean small, tiny, micro – the solo enterprises, the service businesses with a few vans on the road, the retail shop proprietors with a handful of part timers, the professionals with a bit of office help-you get the idea. There are millions of these little businesses out there and many of them would love to bring their enterprises online. However, they truly have a unique outlook and special needs. Only those search marketers who understand and cater to those needs will [...]

Entry #6 – The End Of The “So What Is It That You Actually Do?” Question

ShareTweet I have a couple of friends with real jobs that involve actual human interaction and occasional touching. (No. Not the sex industry.) One is a loss adjuster and the other a nurse and they’re not into webcams yet. I also from time to time, hang out with friends of friends who count firemen, plumbers and decorators in their number. I bet you know a lot of these people too? People with worthwhile, noble and completely tangible occupations who occasionally, and without meaning to – make you feel just a tiny bit pointless. It happens on those occasions when we search professionals leave the laptop alone, turn the gaze away from the navel and actually do stuff like have dinner [...]

Want to become an SEO Chick?

ShareTweet We are currently in the process of redesigning and developing the SEO-Chicks blog, it’s starting to really shape up and we are all very excited (teaser: The new Logo includes me in a viking helmet, Anita in a gypsy scarf and Julie with a southern belle umrbella…hmm yeah I know that was probably scary rather than enticing). The new blog design will have more functionality more information about all the bloggers and of course look fabulous. As well as getting a great new design we are also shaking up the blogging, that’s right, you will be hearing alot more from us. A few of the chicklets and chicks have decided to concentrate on other activities and won’t have time [...]