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If Your SEO Is Not Moonlighting, Fire Them

You read that right – fire your SEO if they aren’t moonlighting. It’s all about passion, knowledge, creativity and drive.

SEO Training Course in London

ShareTweet EDIT: Google has just retracted their association with the Reed Learning SEO Course and are branding it as a misunderstanding, they were never meant to associate themselves with a SEO Course. Apparently. Please note this course will still GO AHEAD but is no longer accredited by Google. It’s in association with Verve Search and Reed Learning!!! Reed Learning (a UK training provider) has joined forces with Google and created the Google Marketing Academy, one of the courses within the academy is a Search Engine Optimisation course and I have been confirmed as the tutour for the course. I’m very excited about being onboard with Reed Learning and promise I will give a truly hands on, educational SEO course that [...]

SEO – Where Does It End?

ShareTweet When I write about SEO, or when I perform it, it is often broken up into a set of discreet tasks. SEO is this, SEO is that, SEO is the other. Yadda yadda yadda. But what I’ve always believed, and what I still believe, is that SEO is a constant continuum along which certain signposts may be set. Social media is the darling child of the moment with businesses hot to try this new medium. Social media, we are told, is all about engagement. I have always said that creating passionate advocates works offline as well as online and social media is not a cure all. It certainly hooks in to SEO though. Paid search is one of the [...]

Just In Time Vs. Just In Case Marketing

ShareTweet Before I begin, I have a confession to make: I got the idea for this piece from Oprah magazine. That being said, if you choose to continue to read, thank you. Just in time marketing means understanding that you need to have an arsenal of techniques with which to react to changes, whether they’re in an engine’s algorithm or your seasonal business needs. It means that you aren’t actively holding onto anything that makes your marketing more cumbersome or cluttered, that you simply are able to adapt readily when necessary. This is like having a savings account that you aren’t using. It’s nice to know that, if you need it, you can access it. Just in time marketing means [...]

Why Listening To Matt Cutts Is A Bad Idea

ShareTweet Look, we all hated the dark days when Google was uber-secretive about everything, and we cheered up when first “Googleguy” and then Matt Cutts (aka Googleguy) started giving us a few glimpses of veiled instructions. Later Matt began to give exact instructions for things that were on Google’s agenda. In other words, if Google wanted to control our actions, Matt pulled our little puppet strings and gave us specific instructions. Two examples? He specifically told us to either use nofollow or javascript for paid links so that we wouldn’t pass link juice through. He specifically told us that nofollowing our own internal links would be a good way to sculpt our link juice so that it flowed where we [...]

Geek It Real Good [Music]

ShareTweet (Sung to “Push it Real Good” by Salt ‘n’ Peppa) Ah, geek it Ah, geek it Oooh, Lisa baby Julie baby Oooh, Judith baby Donna baby Get up on this! Ow! baby! SEO Chicks are here! [now wait a minute, y'all This song ain't for everybody Only the geeky people So all you fly coders, get on out there and hack Hack, I said!] SEO Chicks here, and were in effect Want you to geek it, babe Codin’ by day then at night working up reports Cmon girls, lets go show the guys that we know How to become number one in the search engine results yo Now geek it Ah, geek it – geek it good Ah, geek [...]