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Win SES London tickets with your Christmas Crap

ShareTweet SES London is just around the corner (22-24th February), and as official, associated sponsors; the SEO Chicks have a little Christmas love for you. And no greater love can an SEO have to give, than a free conference pass to one of the hottest search events of the year. Yeah,.. that’s right. I said “hottest” and “search event” together, (and that’s before we get to the party that Nichola Stott and Joanna Butler are organising – supported by SES. More to follow on party details later) Now; we Chicks don’t just give our goodies away. Oh-no! You have to work for them.  So we thought it would be great to put on a little festive competition to give YOU [...]

The Post that Made Me

ShareTweet Over the years I’ve worked in print advertising in the electronics industry, online corporate communications, public relations and at Yahoo! (one of the largest, NASDAQ listed web giants.) In every sector, field and discipline I’ve ever worked in there’s always been a clear set of rules; sometimes formal qualifications and legal or legislative frameworks in which to operate. SEO is a very different space however. In this I mean different to most other career paths. Sure there are internal processes and procedures, but this is an unregulated industry in its’ relative infancy, which has evolved from the success of the product of other commercial organisations (namely the search engines.) As a result of this, there are two commonly discussed [...]

Social Media is a Brand Killer

ShareTweet With only 6% of companies ready to engage with customers on a regular basis and 82% of consumers actively wanting to engage with brands, the recent Alterian survey revealed a huge disconnect between businesses and consumers. Social media reports may seem to be a dime a dozen at times and while there are lies, damn lies and statistics, this report casts a frightening light on marketing departments all over the UK and US.  No matter how nicely you try and spin the numbers, the Alterian report “Brands At Risk” is a damning indictment of the inability of brands to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the current marketplace. The internet is essential to business.  Whether looking [...]

The Flourless Chocolate Dome

ShareTweet I was once highly disappointed by a dessert, to such an extent that it’s become a metaphor for anything bad that happens to me. I was in a restaurant with my best friend Melinda when, hearing the sound of our waiter and smelling chocolate, I smiled in anticipation of the flourless chocolate dome, expecting it to be, well, bigger than a freaking truffle. It was tiny. Tiny is being NICE. It was a dinky, dinky thing, just big enough to piss me off. Had I known in advance what I was getting, I’d not have been so pouty. Setting expectations is critical when you’re doing anything. Had the waiter said “well nice choice but beware of its teeny nature” [...]

The Future of Search – Crowdsourced at SES NY

ShareTweet In advance of SES Chicago; which kicks off in about *glances at watch*, now; we thought we’d share this little video to whet your appetite. Jonathan Allen over at Search Engine Watch put this one togther, and you will notice a rather heavy focus on our own Lisa Myers’ other ‘arf, Jon D Myers. Apparently Jon is too tall to ever be properly captured on video. FACT. (D, of course, stands for Daddy. Plus big hello to our newsest SEO Chick.) Have a look at the video, get your swag hashtag on #seschi and let’s get this show on the road. Please do let me know what YOU think will be the future of search. Final p.s. – hat-tip [...]

How to Screw Up Your Social Media Strategy

ShareTweet Social media is critical for companies to get right. With low barriers to entry and the perception of ease of use, it may seem enticing to jump straight in but disaster can lurk in the shallows as well as the depths. The media is never shy about reporting on major blunders by large corporations and so with everything from “my Dell hell” in 2005 through to Dr Pepper ‘s Facebook blunder, the search results are littered with examples of social media disasters.  If it isn’t Habitat abusing hashtags in Twitter to promote their sweepstakes then it is Walmart creating a fake blog. Some of these activities are now literally criminal. In the past the only thing wrong with doing [...]