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What Social Media Can Learn From Traditional Marketing

ShareTweet I recently got into a debate with someone about the benefits of social media. This person (who I won’t name because I think they were being an idiot) maintained that the biggest benefit to social media was getting links for SEO, and I have to admit my heart just sank. There is no denying that social media is great for building links, but it’s a side effect of a marketing technique that is far broader reaching and can have a much bigger impact for businesses that do it well. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the attitude of an individual, but something that is quite widespread in SEO, and it’s not only social media that is met with this attitude of [...]

SEO Then and Now – The Evolution of Search

ShareTweet At SES Toronto I was one of three panellists talking about SEO from a decade ago to now.  I tackled the past while my fellow panellists tackled the present and future.  As always, I had so much more I wanted to say and thus this blog post. I asserted that nothing has changed and yet everything really has.  At its core, the math for calculating relevance remains very much the same but layer upon layer of sophistication has been added turning the Google ranking formula a complex creature which is likely an engineering feat of mad genius.  I feel that Google engineers are extremely intelligent in their ability to conceive of, and execute the calculations surrounding, ways and methods [...]

Find A Mentor (Or Some Mentos)

ShareTweet Along with the list of skills that you need to possess in order to be a good SEO, I’d like to add the following: Knows how to find a good mentor. I’ve been in the industry for enough years that I do think that, for the most part, I know what I’m doing. I know what’s going on, I can adapt to industry changes very quickly, and I feel confident that the advice that I give is valid and worthwhile. However, I’m not stupid enough to believe that I can’t be wrong, which is why I am so fond of having mentors. No matter how much experience you have, someone else has more of it, and someone else has [...]

InfluenceFinder – Review

ShareTweet Earlier this week, we told you about the launch of InfluenceFinder, which debuted at SMX London 2010 on Monday. Use invite code [seochicks] for pre-approval on a 7 day trial. Having now used the tool for a couple of weeks, I wanted to follow up with a review from my perspective. If you missed the story of the launch and case study then you might want to check that out first. Overview It’s really important to stress that the InfluenceFinder product (and I think the name gives it away really) is designed to help it users find influential link targets. Although the product does draw and re-index from the Majestic webmap, and is therefore extremely expansive – the main [...]

InfluenceFinder to Launch at SMX London

ShareTweet UPDATE: May 18th 2010 – The team at Linkdex have provided an invite code for SEO Chicks readers. Please use the invite code [seochicks] for pre-approval for a free 7 day trial at Lead by serial entrepreneur and founder of Netrank Ltd, John Straw founded Linkdex in 2008. After two years in the making Lindex is about to soft-launch their first product at SMX today. InfluenceFinder is that product, and I’ve been having a little look at the beta version, plus a rather interesting case study using Econsultancy as the test subject. InfluenceFinder is positioned as a tool for search marketers to improve their working efficiency by applying additional scientific methods to an extensive webmap; such methods include [...]

The Best Job In The World

ShareTweet It’s Wednesday night, and I’m sitting trying desperately to think of something to blog about. I considered doing something about the election & social media, but quickly realised that I am bored to tears by the election, so I’m assuming everyone else is too. That still leaves me with the question of what to blog about. Then it dawned on me, I’m spending my Wednesday night working, I’ve spent every night this week working in fact, and the weekend. This should, really, be a slightly depressing thought, I’m sure for most people it would be, but the fact is, it’s not. The reason it’s not, is that I love what I do, and (I’m sure I’m not alone in [...]