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Internationalisation is Not Just Translation

ShareTweet Hello, my name is Judith Lewis and I am a searchoholic.  I live and breathe search and have done for pretty much over a decade.  It has become who and what I am more than any other aspect of myself.  It is easy to become a searchaholic in this industry with its own language, secret codes and instant gratification.  What we sometimes forget is that the world does not live and breathe search, a fact I was reminded of in the Pan European Search Strategies session at SAScon. During a break between speakers, one of the attendees thanked the speakers for helping him to understand that he needed to target the Netherlands and Belgium differently.  While this seemed quite [...]

Paid Link Noi$e

ShareTweet In my world of link building, compensation is often offered. That is because I see nothing wrong with paying someone to put up a link for a client, and because I work with clients in exceptionally competitive fields where we’ll be the ones losing out if we try to do things the 100% white hat way. I only make those claims to avoid having this post get turned into a paid link debate…because this post isn’t about the ethics of paid links. It’s about link noise, and how that factors into a paid link campaign. The key here is that when you’re buying links, you have a lot more control. You can set your desired anchor text, tell a [...]

Interview With Tami Dalley: SES London 2010

ShareTweet In the final of our SES London 2010 interviews, Tami Dalley of Acronym Media gives us some great in-depth advice about multi-layered approaches to data analysis; particularly useful for difficult, non-comparable and small data-sets.

Interview With Fantomaster: SES London (Part II)

ShareTweet In this second of a two- part interview with Fantomaster, we talk pills, porn, casino and the nature of risk in SEO; automation and the future in an increasingly social-interpersonal world. Plus!.. “The Julie Joyce Inaugural Music Question.” In tomorrow’s interview Tami Dalley, of Acronym Media will be talking to me about sophistocated keyword and data analysis for complex data-sets.

Interview With Fantomaster: SES London 2010 (Part I)

ShareTweet Hopefully by now you will be over your conference fatigue, post SES and pre SMX. We thought now might be a good time to share with you some of the video interviews we did at SES London. In this first interview with Fantomaster, (Ralph Tegtemeier) gives a bit of insight into the history and evolution of the business. In part II tomorrow, Fantomaster talks about the nature of automation and attitudes towards it…

What’s in a name – A guide to social media name changes

ShareTweet As you may or may not have noticed, I have recently changed my name. Now before anyone makes the mistake that one hapless recruitment consultant did when touting for business, no I haven’t got married. I have reverted to my maiden name. Now when I got married and originally changed my name, the only difficulty was getting IT to change my email address, and sending that information round to clients. Changing back however has been somewhat more difficult, between twitter, facebook, and the dozen other social media profiles and websites I’m named on, it’s amazing I didn’t develop a split personality over the last month. However with a bit of planning, it all went very smoothly, and I didn’t [...]