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Social Media Can Kill Your SEO Efforts

Social media is fun, engaging and deceptively easy to get in to but difficult to market over effectively. Due to the ease and simplicity of the platform, it can seem at times as though everyone who can log on has become a social media marketing expert.

What It’s Like To Run A Link Agency

ShareTweet Even though we’ve seen massive shakeups in the link building world lately, links are still what a lot of clients want. Link building is our main business (so that’s lucky for us) but when we have quoted projects where link building takes a backseat, no one is interested. Due to excessive client demand, more and more SEOs (and people with zero experience who see the chance to get in there by doing something that honestly does not require excessive knowledge) are getting into links. In many cases this means that they say they build links, but in reality, they outsource that to someone like us. In some cases, it’s a lot of idle talk from people who think that [...]

Beef, Arsenic and Web Analytics – Getting the Right Numbers

ShareTweet Have you ever listened to the news reporting the latest study about how dreadful things have become or what the latest item likely to kill you is and found yourself thinking how can that be true? Did you ever then consider the elements behind the report? Or did you, like the journalists and talk show hosts, wonder how it’s all come to this? I think it’s time we all started thinking more critically about numbers and rocking the right ones! Whether it’s numbers in the news, or, more importantly, numbers in the reports you’re looking at in another window right now, have a second thought about them and see what you think.

Welcome Anna Lewis to the SEO Chicks blogging team!

ShareTweet I would like to officially welcome Anna Lewis to the SEO Chicks blogging team. Anna is a Digital Marketing Executive at Koozai, she has a degree in Advertising and a passion for SEO and particularly analytics. This girls gets numbers! When I first met her at a meet up event in London it soon became clear that Anna LOVES what she does, she is super enthusiastic and passionate. Just the kind we like at SEO Chicks. She is also the right kind of crazy, which is a must to be on this blogging crew. We are honoured to have her in our blogging team and we’re looking forward to reading her posts. Welcome Anna! Follow Anna on Twitter and [...]

Optimising Your Site for Link Building

ShareTweet As SEOs we optimise for many things (clue’s in the job title, right?) – but increasingly it occurs to me that we’re missing a trick or two when it comes to link building. I don’t want to get into a paid linking debate here – whether you choose to buy links or not is up to you. But the truth is, if no one will link to you unless you pay them, then you have problems. Big-ass ones. Here’s a little Smörgåsbord of issues that I frequently see that make sites sub-optimal for link building.   1) Your site is so ugly it makes my eyes bleed… Yep, I said it. I’m shallow. Human beings are. Psychologists at the [...]

Stating a Case for SEO Budget in Business to Business Sectors

ShareTweet If you’re immersed in a particular industry it can be difficult sometimes to see outside of your own bubble. At theMediaFlow we’re a very small, self-funded SEO agency and because of that we’ve always gotten our business entirely by referral or by incoming enquiries from customers who have found us through search or by reputation. In all those cases of course we’re “preaching to the converted”. What I mean by that is that our customers come to us already aware of the benefits of investing in SEO. Forgive me then for forgetting that in many businesses and in many sectors, SEO is still relatively untried, unknown and yet to feature on the marketing agenda. Last week I chaired a [...]