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Earning Links in “Boring” Sectors

ShareTweet I recently spoke at the UK search conference on a panel about linkbuilding in 2013. Most of the panel (myself included) were much of the opinion that any business can earn its links through the stories it has to tell however an audience member brought up a very valid objection related to industries that might be considered boring, particularly in sectors where an almost exclusive paid linking strategy still prevails. Whilst I can’t suggest that anyone managing a client in such a sector should take a stand and buck the trend (that would have to be a decision taken under one’s own counsel), I know from personal experience that even when your competitors seem to have no other link [...]

Welcome to the SEO Chicks Jackie Hole

ShareTweet The SEO Chicks have got an exciting addition; the lovely Jackie Hole! In fact, we don’t really know why she wasn’t already an SEO Chick from before. How did that happen, she sure “feels” like one of us. If you have been to any conference the past 2 years you MUST have seen Jackie, she has basically been to pretty much every conference in Search for the past couple of years. A travelling SEO if you will. I believe the Icelandic have adopted her after several RIMC conferences, she must be an honorary Viking  by now (surely). See pic to left. Jackie runs her own SEO & PPC consulting business and has over 8 years experience in search, working [...]

How To Better Crowdsource Your Next Post

ShareTweet Crowdsourcing interests me for many reasons, not the least of which is that it’s a great way to get multiple people to promote content (yes, I’m always thinking about that.) Some of my favorite evergreen content pieces have been crowdsourced and I’ve noticed that when I search to see what’s recently been said about specific topics, those pieces still appear at the top of the SERPs. With that in mind, I thought I’d ask a few SEOs to fill out a quick survey, with the questions being listed below: 1. What are your thoughts on crowdsourced pieces? Does it make you think that the author is being slack and taking a shortcut by asking everyone else’s opinions, or do [...]