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5 Ways to make a Marketing Video on a Budget

ShareTweet I thought long and hard about what I could write for my very first SEO Chicks Post, but this week I have a challenge that needs a solution so thought I would share. The Scenario My client wants to ‘have a go’ at video as they’ve heard all about how ‘video sells more’. However, the management don’t want to commit to a budget unless they know it’s going to work (sounds an awful lot like SEO to me!). My mission should I choose to accept it, is to create a marketing video and put together a video marketing strategy with little or no budget. I have little or no film-making skills, but I have created videos in the past [...]

A Review of The Link Building Book by Paddy Moogan

ShareTweet       Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past week or so, you’ve doubtlessly heard that Paddy Moogan has written a book about Link BuildingĀ :) I read Paddy’s book this week and figured I write a review here. I ought to say by way of a disclaimer that I do work with Paddy at Distilled, however this review is impartial – he’s not asked me to write this; nor have I received any kind of financial inducement to do so. So, what do you get for your $37? Over 65,000 words (or 287 pages) of Link Building goodness. The book includes sections on the following: Link building basics The history of link building What you need [...]