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How to get the most from your data

ShareTweet Web analytics is a topic that gets mixed reactions, much like SEO really. Some people think it’s a myth, others are intimidated by the data, some know it is important but are limited to the basics and others can’t get enough (that’s me!). As an analytics specialist I find that my role includes the bits you would expect – implementing tracking code solutions and analysing data – but it also requires offering assistance in making the most of the data, from changing clients’ attitudes to encourage them to use their analytics more, to showing how the data can be used much more effectively. The big thing behind this is that analytics isn’t about numbers.

Musings on the Bottom Half of the Internet

ShareTweet “Never read the bottom half of the internet, that’s where the bad things live.” It’s mantra repeated by many. I’m referring of course to the comments, which as ‘bottom half’ indicates are situated a long old scroll down the page at the bottom of a post or article.

“Who Wears a Tiara on a Jungle Gym?”: Why I’m Excited About Leaning In

ShareTweet “Taking initiative pays off. It is hard to visualize someone as a leader if she is always waiting to be told what to do.” – Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women and the Will to Lead When I saw the first promotional article about an upcoming book on women and work from the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, I was very excited. I pre-ordered a Kindle edition. And as I waited for the launch date of Lean In: Women and the Will to Lead, I saw lots more articles, many of them vehemently stating that, one way or another, Sheryl Sandberg had got it wrong. Eventually my own copy arrived, and as I read it I was pleasantly surprised. I [...]

Welcome to the SEO Chicks; Bridget Randolph

ShareTweet I would like to welcome Bridget Randolph to the SEO Chicks blogging team. Bridget is originally from a small town in Virginia (US) but went to the UK to study (at Oxford none the less, clever cookie). Once she graduated she didn’t want to leave so she pursued a job in the UK, she is now working as a SEO analyst at Distilled UK and loves it. I first met Bridget a few months ago and realised what a smart chick she is, so when she asked if she could do a guest post on SEO Chicks about the much debated book “Lean in”, I said “heck yeah”. Once I read the blogpost I realised she is right up the [...]

5 Top Analytics Trick & Tips From Around The Web

ShareTweet   I’ve been looking up a host of analytics questions this month – from APIs and integration to dashboards and segments. One minute I’ve just got a quick practical question to double check and the next I’m 2 hours immersed in a world of analytics tidbits that I hadn’t realised. Then SEO Chick Anna posted some great new tricks and tips on using Google Analytics quickly and effectively - some great keyboard shortcuts in there! It occurred to me that we haven’t really had a roundup of useful analytics posts in some time. And boy are there are a lot out there. So here, to make your lives easier and save you the time I spent getting caught up in [...]

Why Messing Up Might Make you a Better Manager

ShareTweet I’ve been managing people for about 2 years at Distilled, and prior to that, I managed people in the various professions I dabbled in prior to finding myself in SEO.  All in all I think I have something approaching 10 years management experience. As you might expect my approach to management has changed quite a bit over the years. Similarly my thinking on what makes a ‘good’ manager has also changed. With this mind, I wanted to share something with you…   It was Steve and Tim‘s very first day at Distilled. They’d be reporting in to me. They’d been through the usual initial induction stuff and were busily trying to install and set up the various tools and apps [...]