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Has Google Become a Modern God?

ShareTweet Google in the UK owns about 90% of the search traffic. In the US that amount is over 65% and climbing. Google has rules under which it expects websites to operate otherwise they get removed from the index. Has removal from the index become the same as excommunication in our modern society? In the medieval past, in Europe, the Church held sway. In order to do anything or get anywhere within society, one had to be a member of the church and had to come to the attention of the right people. The individual seeking attention did have to posses both the correct moral qualities and the correct social qualities in order to achieve any modicum of success. Societal [...]

On Google and Gambling

ShareTweet Google started allowing gambling ads within their paid search results last week and while this did cause a flurry of activity at many agencies, after the excitement wore off (faster than the taste of a cheap champagne) I was left feeling somewhat hollow. The lack of gaming ads in Google has become a bit of a joke in some areas, with Google’s geeky origins often mentioned in somewhat unfavourable terms. Google was held up as a paragon of purity, cleaning the paid search results of the perceived smut of the PPC (pills, porn, casino) results. I never understood, it but heard of certain groups who lauded this decision and used it as a justification of their particular world views. [...]

deCabbit About Town… an da Wurld

ShareTweet Seems shooting off my gob is becoming a habit – an addictive one at that.  Knowing how much trouble my mouth can get me in, I decided to channel it in to something more productive.  So I’m doing some speaking stuff and in case you’d like to come alone to heckle or support, I thought I’d share. Today I’m off talking about Online Brand Reputation Management at the Web 2.0 Practical Applications for Business Benefit Conference Something I think everyone needs to do but I’m specifically talking brands.  I’ll be talking people later   Today I’m just focusing on trying to help brands do better stuff online. Next week, I get to gab about my in-house experiences before I [...]

Wanna Get Social? My London Conference Picks

ShareTweet Being a geek rarely means going out there and hitting the vibrant social scene around London, Toronto, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Auckland or any of the other cities of the world. Usually it means going to a “networking” event at a conference and drinking until it doesn’t hurt quite so much anymore. Well, funnily enough it’s conference season now that the weather has turned even rainier (how can anyone tell…?). So what’s up and on for conference goers? TONS! In fact, there is so much going on, I’ve pared it back a bit and focused on the place I spend most of my life in – London. My underpants have yet to host a conference, being a single event, [...]

Are Widgets Really Linkbuilding?

ShareTweet I had a conversation with one of the organic guys the other guy during which he proclaimed that if you build a kick-ass widget and placed it on a high-traffic site, it would go viral. Ah, bless… the innocence of youth. His assertion that this was a successful link building campaign led me to ponder whether you can call it link building if all you do is create an application and put a link to it on a high-traffic page. Could you simply create an application and release it into the wild with nothing more than best wishes and call it link building? I would argue that effort has to be made in any instance to call it work. [...]