About Us

The SEO Chicks was founded in 2007 when Lisa Myers (then Lisa Ditlefsen) and Anita Chaperon met at a networking event. They decided to start an all-female blog, after being witness to several offensive remarks about females in SEO. Damning them all, they brought Julie Joyce on board and launched the blog right before the first SMX show in Seattle, where Julie and Lisa paraded around with SEO Chicks t-shirts, made Dixon Jones crawl under a table, forced Rand Fishkin to undress in front of them and wear an SEO-Chick t-shirt (it was ok, his wife was there!), and tried to get Google employees to buy them drinks.

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Bringing Judith Lewis on happened soon therafter, then there were the SEO Chicklets, then Fairy Godmother Dazzlin Donna left, then Jane left (you’d think we were doing something bad to these women!), now the redesign, now more Chicks and the blog contest for new bloggers…and we’re all recommitted to the blog after a few months of doing other things and neglecting it.

What You Can Expect

Irreverence, Father Ted jokes, women’s knickers, group photos in the loo of UK pubs, some cursing, Viking jokes, Clash references, strong opinions, and lots of stuff about Search & Social Media.

On a more serious note, we all love to answer the questions that you ask us, and we love your comments. We have established a nice reputation as being friendly to newcomers in the industry and we plan to keep it, whether you’re male, female, or a dwarf robo hamster with opposable thumbs and a tiny little keyboard.