New SEO Chick – Judith Lewis

A big welcome to Judith Lewis


Judith is a SEO & SEM specialist who has been working in the online world since 1996 (bloody hell). She currently works for Centaur Communications Limited, as a Specialist Search Engine Marketer. Judith has been a speaker at several SEO/M conferences including Search Engine Marketing conference where she was the top rated speaker. This girl has attitude and knowledge, expect some great posts =)

Oh, and yeah a lot of you will know Judith as deCabbit from the blogosphere

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4 Responses to “New SEO Chick – Judith Lewis”

  1. Judith Lewis says:


    THANK YOU for the welcome!

    Be gentle with me everyone… I’ve had to give up the champagne lunches and I’m a bit delicate (in my dreams *rolls eyes*)

    My tip for today – french style chocolates have the thin shell and dreamy creamy fillings. Belgian ones have the thicker shell and lighter fillings.

  2. SEOish says:

    Decabbit!!!! Yeah. Cool. Welcome.

  3. Weeelllllccooommme, Judith!
    Yah – a bit belated I know but that’s why it’s longer than usual :o )

    May I just say – and this can possibly be left for a rainy day’s discussion over some sort of drinks – that the name deCabbit is just cool… How did you come up with it?

  4. Judith Lewis says:

    I think I’m going to have to blog about why I’m called deCabbit *smiles*

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