Women’s Knickers! It’s More Pink Technology

Warning: the following post has almost nothing at all to do with SEO. It’s simply a rant.

Scarlett with Jesus and Mary Chain

A good friend of mine just showed me what I think is one of THE most ridiculous things I have ever seen. Besides Scarlett Johannson singing with the Jesus and Mary Chain even!

Sandisk flash drive for women

It’s a flash drive designed exclusively for women! And strangely, they’re not available in America.

What makes them designed for women anyway? Other than being pink, the product has a “sleek, feminine, cap-less design” which will, apparently, “make it ideal for women of all ages.” It’s a f&^(G! flash drive! What does your sex or age have to do with it? I assume that it also allows you to keep up with your menstrual cycle and fend off would-be attackers in dark parking lots. If it came with a rape whistle, MAYBE I could see its benefit but as it stands, this is truly ridiculous and it brings me to a point (amazing!) about products that are designed for women.

The “designed for women” market has really gotten out of hand lately. This flash drive idiocy is only the latest in a string of items ranging from products that are simply smaller versions of their bulky male counterparts to products that are pink, and thus will appeal to all of us for their simple color. Everyone knows that all women love shiny pink things. OK that sounds really vulgar…you know what I mean you big bunch of sickos. Yes, some women are small and could probably benefit from a product that’s designed more for their size than for someone who’s a giant hill person, but I’ve also known quite a few ham-handed brutish females (yes, I mean brutish, not British) who would beat the tar out of many men on their way TO a fistfight. It’s simply another way to make money, so why does it make me so angry? We’re all in this to promote something. So why do I care?

I care because it’s setting a horrible precedent. Especially with regards to technology, the idea that you need to pink up a product simply so women will understand it and relate to it is about as offensive as Britney Spears covering a Ramones song. Obviously, if there weren’t women-only flash drives we’d most likely have one like this:

flash drive

The problem is that there are many women who will buy into this nonsense, thus creating the demand for more and more of it. Then what will we have? Will someone design a search engine that will work with women’s needs, or a woman-only browser that’s all pink and lacy? What about an analytics program designed for our tiny minds that are usually full of kittens and flowers? Why is it set in stone that all women like pink anyway? I do happen to love pink, but I sure as hell do not want a pink flash drive. Or a pink phone, or a pink iPod…I’d rather have all those in orange.

gun molls

Obviously there are products that should be designed for women (such as my mom’s Smith and Wesson Lady Smith revolver, for example, so don’t anyone visit her to complain about her daughter please) for various reasons. Knee cap replacements, amazingly, also seem to be a big area for women-only design. I don’t have a problem with these. Well, the gun thing freaks me the hell out but still, I’d rather see Mom coming down the stairs with a weapon that fits nicely in her small hand than holding a giant shotgun that she can’t control. My point is simply that there are legitimate instances where designing for women makes sense. The flash drive, however, is not a case like this.

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7 Responses to “Women’s Knickers! It’s More Pink Technology”

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  2. Anita says:

    I have to take this enormous opportunity to express my absolute dislike of anything pink!!! (pink, not flesh coloured).

    I just feel soo in support of what you’re on about fellow chick – maybe those marketers have forgotten the long pointy boots/shoes us pretty little pink women wear… so maybe we can give them a little kick… I meant reminder?

    Oh, and all those items you listed – I’d like them all in red please :o )

  3. ha ha, that’s just so funny Julie! And sooo true, what is UP with the PINK?? When I first set up the SEO chicks website the donkey (Rob Kerry) suggested the site should be pink, WHAT? Do I look like a girl that likes PINK? I also had a question whether we made SEO chicks t-shirts in pink, now why the fuck would we do that? The site is green, why would be have pink t-shirts. If you can’t figure out that I’m a girl and you need colour coding you need your eyes checked.

  4. Hahahaha… colour-coding to figure out if you’re a chick! LOVE IT!

    I also love that SEO-Chicks is GREEN and not pink because it is to last century to colour things pink for girls.

    Everyone knows leopard-print is in…

  5. Ciaran says:

    Does the flash drive for women come with a hook to hang a dish-cloth on maybe?


  6. Julie Joyce says:

    I don’t know Ciaran, you tell me. I’m sure you have one.

  7. Paul H. Piccot says:

    This “Pinking-down” of America’s little girls, tenage girls, and women/females in general, is a millenia-long process that is now reaching its natural evolutionary pinacle here in the USA. EXAMPLE: Today is mothers’ day, so, naturally, Google’s main search page has a, you guessed it, PINK Google logo. Naturally. Of course. Recently, this old Vietnam vet was nearly permanently BLINDED when I accidently verged-off into the girls toy/doll department of a local WalMart. The blow-torch visual assault of PINK colors left me blinded for 15 minutes. Our girls need PINK!!!!!!! Want to make it big in business today??? Just open a chain of stores called “PINK UNIVERSE!” Sell everything pink, for girls of course. (END)

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