Link Baiting Joke

I’m super busy doing the finishing touches (erm writing the entire thing) to my presentations for SMX London this week. So I haven’t got time to write a big post, BUT I came across this HILARIOUS term today (actually one of my clients sent it to me, thanks Gavin!).

It would make such a great t-shirt.

So here goes: What do you call a person that is really good at link baiting?


Obviously the t-shirt is just to demonstrate, but if anyone is intrested in one I will add it to our SEO-Chicks t-shirt shop!

I laughed my head off anyway, does that make me a mega geek?

Thanks Gavin for the heads up, genius!

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7 Responses to “Link Baiting Joke”

  1. Ong SC says:

    Was searching for SEO and hit upon your site. I am a slow learner and it took me quite a while to get it! Good one. I was searching for the word imaseocontest which my SEO class were tasked to do. (Visit the site: imaseocontest). Hope I can bring this one back to them for a good laugh. Cheers!

  2. Just heard another SEO joke (thanks Sam!)

    What has pigs & SEO’s got in common?


    God I need to get out more, I find these jokes hilarious.

  3. *teeheehee*

    That’s great Lisa! You could design a line of SEO joke shirts and us SEO chicks could sport different ones at conferences.


    Great blog post to have to start the blog – every time I open the page – there it is…

  4. Matt Davies says:

    You honestly never made exactly the same joke to a young lad with the surname “Bates” while at primary school?

  5. lol no I didn’t. But only because I grew up in Northern Norway…..

  6. Good to meet you Lisa ;)

    I vow never to speak of Women in SEO again, well only in a knowing way.


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