Vegas – the Perfect Customer Service?

Well, since we’ve covered Vegas in almost every imaginable light already, I thought that I have to do it justice from a pure marketing point of view too.

Yes, it is a great place to network, and an even better place to party. But what most people wouldn’t notice about Vegas (or at least wouldn’t think twice about), is the remarkable customer service.

OK, I feel I have to slip in a little disclaimer here as my post will be a little biased towards the good rather than the bad experiences. Please humor me and refrain from remembering any painful customer service experiences in an off the strip hotel bar and so on…

So, if like me, you enjoy experiencing a ‘job well done’ in being served, you would love the Wynn.
* I have to focus on one of the many places as an example just so I can do it justice.

These people are a prime example of how surveying your existing customers and acting on the findings will not only improve your business, but will make you stand out from the rest. So they do their research and take the customer very seriously. As a result they have produced one of the most well oiled machines I have ever had the pleasure to be served by – and trust me I have been around (stop your snigerring).


From the moment you appear at the door of the Terrace Pointe Cafe, you are taken by the hostess, then the drinks lady, then the main waiter and so on…

I think what makes the experience even more notable, is the fact that, in any of our encounters with the different pieces of the ‘well oiled machine’ you are made to feel very special. Now, I’m not stupid, I know the smiles and attention are part of the show, but at least they seem genuine and don’t make you feel uncomfortable. It is evident from their every move, that the Wynn understands the core concept of marketing – the customer is very important to their well being.

As a contrast to all this I was cringing last night while watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares program. Noting how the waitresses in the showcased restaurant had no clue (not through their own fault) in serving a customer with a smile… totally different planet…

OK, you’ve guessed by now that I can go on and on about the vast Case Study canvas that Las Vegas is for customer service perfection and imperfection. I am also sensing that some people think I am sad to be even noticing things like that, when I should be drinking, and gambling…

So let’s get to the point…

My point is that when you work in a dynamically changing environment you need to pay attention to everything around you and draw lessons from every experience – seemingly relevant or not. Your environment is your best learning facility. Text books won’t do it – they’re too slow and by the time something’s printed or spoken of in the conference sessions, it is no longer on the cutting edge.

One of the most successful (if not THE MOST successful) marketers of all time – Jay Abraham, has made his fame and fortune through observing his environment and applying the lessons learned to seemingly unrelated industries and situations. Take a leaf out his book, and learn to observe. See the relevant in the irrelevant and adapt one industry’s old marketing methods to a new industry to get an ace campaign…

And where better to go to to top up on good marketing examples than Vegas… Baby!!!

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3 Responses to “Vegas – the Perfect Customer Service?”

  1. Jon Henshaw says:

    I don’t like the way Jay Abraham is pointing his finger at me.

  2. Julie Joyce says:

    He’s like the poor man’s Jim Boykin with that finger. Excellent post, by the way. If you aren’t observant, you’re not going to do well at anything.

  3. I loved this post. I have to admit, I was sneakily reading it before it went like so I was a fan of it early on

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