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Not another blog post about Mixx!! Haven’t we established that it is just a waste of time? That is what some well respected folks are saying. Yet people are still mixxing away, the numbers all around are going up slowly but surely. But it still has not killed Digg, like it was promised to do.

But watch out… these new features are pretty intimidating!

Mixx Profile

Today I logged into Mixx, and I had 4 new messages!!

You now have the ability to send messages to fellow Mixxers, showing their user name and avatar, and the option to send to all. Even send a message to entire groups. You can opt-in and out of e-mail notifications, and conversation threads. I have already seen a lot of “Woo-Hoo’s” and “This is so much better than Digg” threads. But many people are foreseeing this function abused.

What do I love about Mixx you ask?

  • The ability to reach the right target.
  • Posting to groups with interested eyes.
  • The Mixx staff is helpful and actually listens to feedback.
  • My peers use it and talk about it.

Why should you use Mixx?

  • To be a conversation starter.
  • To have yet another tool to spread your personality around to your peers.
  • To research an audience.
  • You can invest 5 minutes on Mixx instead of pointlessly Tweeting.
  • You will be ready and ahead of the crowd if Mixx does end up being the big, bad Digg Killer.
  • Super smart chick blogger, Tamar, is the new podcaster at the Mixxingbowl.com and if she is talking about it, it must be cool!

Are you better off avoiding it and chalking it up to just another social news site? Sure, why not?

If Social News is not your forte chances are you can get much more work done by avoiding it all together . But in my opinion it is important to know how these sites work whether you are utilizing it or not.

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3 Responses to “Mixxed-Up Mind”

  1. Julie Joyce says:

    Very nicely done Steph (as always)…I’m weary of all the massively long posts about social media applications, since I have the attention span of a gnat with ADHD who’s on a week long meth bender. I’ve used Mixx a bit, but am eager to get more into it. This article was perfectly timed.

  2. I have to say, I’ve also become a Mixx addict. I wrote a post about it yesterday explaining it. The whole site just feels clean and fresh. Plus groups are a great way to (like you said) reach a target niche. I do hope it takes down Digg eventually. Cheers and thumbs up!

  3. I was a bit uneasy about Mixx at first, but I am really beginning to like it. The site even moves much faster than the average social media venture. I also think many non-webmaster type Internet users are able to use it without an extensive user’s manual… Which just makes it more natural and useful to me.

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