SEO Chicklets – Jane & Lauren!

Finally we can announce our first guest-bloggers. It seems like ages since we first wrote about getting some cool guest bloggers on board. We’ve had a few interested, and we’ve stalked some (ehm Donna).

And since the guest-bloggers are in fact “guest” bloggers we thought it would be cute to call them “SEO Chicklets”. So without further ado, let me introduce you to our first ever guest bloggers!

Jane Copland


Ok if you don’t know who this blonde kiwi bomb shell is, you’ve had your head in the sand for the last year and a half. Jane works as a Search Marketing Consultant at SEOmoz, but is maybe more known as the Moz plex’s Social Butterfly (ehm only with regards to Social Media of course, no pun intended…cough cough). Jane has written two in-depth guides on social media marketing for SEOmoz and has been a speaker at SMX on the same subject. Along with being a pretty smart chick, she is also one of the funnest people to party with and one of the sweetest people I know. We are very excited to have Jane on board to contribute to the SEO Chicks blog, watch this space for some wicked posts.

Happy party chicks, Jane Copland and myself at SMX London

Lauren Vaccarello


Lauren used to work for Forex Trading company as the Search Marketing Director, she then founded lvlogic, an online marketing business specialising in paid search, web analytics and brand and reputation management. I first met Lauren at PubCon in Vegas, where we bonded over a few vodka’, chatting about the Search Industry, conferences and of course women in search. Like Jane, Lauren is one heck of a clever chick and has attitude like only a born and bred New Yorker can have. She rocks!

Lauren with Todd Malicoat at 9 in the morning in Vegas, having eggs and tequila for breakfast.

Welcome to the SEO Chicks Chicklets, you both rock!

oh and lastly a random fact: “Did you know that a goldfish has the memory span of only 3 seconds?” That made me laugh so much today….Ok it’s way past my bedtime, I’ve entered random land.

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11 Responses to “SEO Chicklets – Jane & Lauren!”

  1. Jane says:

    Thanks Lisa! I’m excited about writing for you guys. Should have something ready later this week :)

  2. Welcome to both of you ladies :o )
    I think it’s fair to say we’re all very excited to have you blogging with us.

    Lisa… pls tell me you knew about the gold fish’s memory span… my one cat’s life is entirely based on that theory…

  3. Julie Joyce says:

    I also think that Todd should put on a wig and guest blog.

    As you can all see, we are continuing our quest to find all the good looking and brilliant SEO women out there…looks like we found two more!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Im really excited to have these two ladies on board. I actually always end up referring to Jane’s SEOmoz articles while at work. She is really smart.
    And Lauren spoke at a session I sat in at Pubcon, which was excellent.

    Very exciting stuff happening here!

  5. Lauren says:

    Great to be on board with all of you. I agree, Todd should put on a wig and guest blog as well.

  6. Mr Happy says:

    God, I’m going to be a bit of a geek here – I saw the Myth Busters prove that the memory of a gold fish is longer than three seconds.

  7. Julie Joyce says:

    @Mr. Happy: a “bit”???

    I do enjoy seeing them blow things up though.

  8. Mr Happy says:

    Gold Fish Blowing up stuff – sounds cool. :p

  9. lol Mr. Happy, ok so it might be slightly longer than 3 seconds. ha ha a pregnant goldfish is known as a “twit”..

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  11. Stacy says:

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