Jeeves is Back!



Well, not entirely. IAC has announced that Ask is going to move in a different, but familiar direction.


Step 1:
Lay off 40 employees (8%) of Ask staff

Step 2:
Gear your engine to marred women above 30 living in the Midwestern and Southern US

Step 3:
Bring back the question format but have it only answer questions about recipes, hobbies, crafting and your kids

Step 4:
Remove Jeeves from carbonite

Step 5:
PROFIT!!!!! . . . . or cease to exist

Maybe they’ll have Jeeves wear a sock puppet next

Jeeves the Puppet

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4 Responses to “Jeeves is Back!”

  1. TheMadHat says:

    lmao…I was there when they put Jeeves in the carbonite. Hopefully they’ll throw an escape party :)

  2. Julie Joyce says:

    Is this supposed to be a bad idea? I know that I never get tired of searching for recipes and crafts.

    Ok just joking…

  3. Hmmm Jeeves… in a bunny suite….

    Well, with my marketing hat on – methinks this is a good idea because it niches them a lot better than a general Q & A topic… we should watch that space?

  4. That would be fantastic if they had an unfreezing party

    Niches are good, but it seems rash to cut and already staffed company by 8% then go back on all the marketing and advertising for your product and say, no,no, we aren’t trying to be cutting edge anymore. You can use us to find homework help for the kids, which is needed, but its quite the 180

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