New SEO Chicklet – Rebecca Scott (Beccy)

We have a new guestblogger (SEO Chicklet). Rebecca Scott is one of my girls (ehm sounds like I’m running a brothel), ehm lets try again, she’s one of my (MINE, FILTHY Recruitment Consultants, MINE!) SEO Consultants at Base One. Jeese, I need more coffee this early in the morning. But yes you guessed it, I’m quite protective over her. Beccy started working for me a little under 1 year ago, she had no previous experience in SEO but had great potential, I was right! The force is strong with Beccy :)


One of her strengths is writing, having a degree in English and drama it goes without saying that whatever she writes is entertaining.

She will be posting her first blogpost today, and it’s freakin hilarious.

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9 Responses to “New SEO Chicklet – Rebecca Scott (Beccy)”

  1. Mr Happy says:

    Woo hoo another SEO Jedi in the making. Do we have a metaclorian count on this young lass?

  2. Julie Joyce says:

    She also takes good photos in the loo. Make of that what you will.

  3. Haha now Miss Joyce I thought we were never to talk about the loo events ever again!!??

  4. Mr Happy says:

    eh – ok. Am going to run scared and pretend I never read that…

  5. Julie Joyce says:

    Oh yeah..forget I said anything about the loo everyone. We were young, drunk, and needed the money.

  6. Mr Happy says:

    Been there. Done that. how else do you end up doing SEO :p

  7. Rebecca Scott says:

    Hahha 3 tequilas and a bottle of wine later……….. BAM……Search engine optimise what now?!!!?

  8. g1smd says:

    *** We have a new guestblogger ***

    About freakin’ time!!!! Welcome. Can’t believe it took Lisa *this* long to get you on board.

  9. SEO Jedi says:

    It’s always nice to have more SEO Jedi join the order.

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