Blackberry Woman & Technology Awards – an evening to remember

Earlier this year I was shortlisted for the “Blackberry Woman in Technology Awards” in the category “Best Use of Technology by under 30 year old woman”.

Last night the award ceremony took place at the Mariott Hotel Grosenvor Square in London. Me and my junior SEO, Rebecca, got to the hotel early to get all dolled up like
cinderella! We then went downstairs to the prestigious award ceremony. A few glasses of champagne and cheeky cigarettes later (not so classy!) we sat down for a 3 course meal. We were sat with a group of people from Blackberry (RIM) and Vodafone, and they were the loveliest people! Especially Harry Clark (Relationship Director Vodafone/RIM), he listened to my nervous babble for hours during dinner and topped up my glass with wine……ehm Harry it’s your fault I’m soooo hungover today? Beverly Knight was doing the entertainment after the award as well, which was awesome..


The Blackberry Woman and Technology Awards launched three years ago and focuses on honouring the achievements of women both within and beyond the IT sector. And help inspiring women choosing a career within Technology.

The award ceremony was very well organised (well done Claire!) and was very classy, it was amazing to be in the room with so many high powered and inspirational women (I know it’s soppy but this is the kind of thing I have always dreamt of). I have always believed that woman are just as good at Technology as men, and I believe the reason there is still a male dominated sector is not because women don’t want to, it’s more likely to be because it IS a male dominated sector and insecurities are more likely to creep up. Woman are more humble and modest, we need to stand tall and be proud when we do something well. Speak UP! Don’t be afraid to brag, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

It’s so important not to get discouraged. Don’t be afraid of what people might think, or what you look like – believe in yourself and what you are saying! If you feel you are being judged, shake it off, keep going! Fuck em, people can judge you, but don’t let anyone define you, define yourself!

Now the power to the woman speech is over, sorry, had to be done though! I can finish off by saying:

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The prize was: A designer glass bowl, a new Blackberry Smartphone and £2,500 worth of training (I’m going to use the money on programming courses!!)

I really want to thank ALL the SEO Chicks and Chicklets for all you have done on this blog and in the industry. You all inspire me to continue kicking ass!

Update: People have been asking me about photos, so here are a couple very fuzzy ones =)

Myself and Rebecca sipping champagne – oh ja!

And the Winner Is

Getting my Award – Totally stoked

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20 Responses to “Blackberry Woman & Technology Awards – an evening to remember”

  1. You so rock Lisa! We’re all so proud of you!

  2. Julie Joyce says:

    Does this mean we have to start being nicer to you? I am so amazingly proud of you…

  3. g1smd says:

    Look out. World domination follows.

    Where’s all the embarressing photos then?

  4. Stephanie says:

    Congrats Lisa, you rock!

  5. Well done cookie, did you get a free Blackberry?

  6. yep, I sure did Donkey. I get a new Blackberry Smartphone =) I’ll sell my iPhone, it’s crap! *runs and hides from donkey*

  7. Lauren says:

    Congratulations Lisa! You deserve it!

  8. Mr Happy says:

    Well Done and nice frock.

  9. Darika says:

    I was griping on my blog that I was disappointed not to see more publicity around the winners, so good job for shouting about it, it’s well deserved.

  10. Matt Ridout says:

    Congrats Lisa, looks like you had a great time too!

  11. Cher says:

    A little behind in my reading here, but Lisa congratulations! Always awesome to see the chicks doing well!

  12. chance says:

    Amazing what good looks get you these days!

  13. Julie Joyce says:

    I really hope that comment is intended to be funny.

  14. chance says:

    Well… it was hardly sad.

  15. ha ha! Mr “Chance”, are you saying you can’t be “good looking” and intelligent? You think you can’t possibly have a brain and be technical if you have blonde hair and don’t look like a moose?

  16. Jon Myers says:

    All earned on merit and ability and not “looks” this one Mr “Chance”. Being able to set up a Blog like this, that we all come to read and comment on so much goes along way to proving that one my friend!

    Alot of people in the industry could learn a few things from Lisa.

  17. MIchael says:

    >>are you saying you can’t be “good looking” and intelligent?

    You’re not *that* good looking anyway…

  18. very necessary comment Michael, insightful. Jeese Louise, what’s wrong with people. Can’t people leave comments like “well done” instead of comments about the way I look. Faens fjottpeisa.

  19. Julie Joyce says:

    So how long has it been since you turned him down Lisa?

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