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I’m doing a number of speaker slots but one place I’m looking forward to being at is the A4U Expo where there seems to be a mini SEO conference going on.

Win tickets to A4U Expo here by leaving a comment. Even if you don’t want to go, please take pity on me by leaving a comment saying you’d go to one of the sessions I’m doing.

I’ll be speaking on SEO (or if no one shows up, I’ll be putting my feet up and eating chocolate). In fact, I’m pretty sure my room will be empty on Day 1 as I’m on opposite “Internet Marketing Howlers Uncovered!” and “10 Ways to Get the Most Out of your Paid Search Affiliates” so if you’d like to eat some M&S truffles with me or possibly some M&S yummy snack tubs, please do join me :-)

On day 2, Rob Kerry & I will be talking on “SEO, What’s Next? Be Good or Join The Dark Side?” which is on against “How to Increase Conversions – A New Approach, based on Psychological Methods” and “How to Manage a Successful Affiliate Programme : Strategies from Award Winning Affiliate Managers” so once again a tough choice.

On a positive note, as there is so much SEO content and it does include some fantastic networking as part of the ticket, why not just buy a ticket and go for the SEO content? It’s on public transport (just) with cheap-ish hotels nearby (Ibis is official conference hotel) and great fun to be had by all.

Go on – leave a comment to win a ticket!

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7 Responses to “Win Tickets to A4U Expo”

  1. I will absolutely go to your presentations. I was thinking of going anyway but hadn’t made my mind up. Long schlep from Cornwall.

  2. Judith, I can’t wait to see you speak. Will def be the highlight of the event, even if you didn’t provide me with M&S goodies.

  3. @Lyndon I’m humbled that you would even factor me at all in to your decision :-) PLEASE don’t forget to go to the site and leave a comment!

    @Chelsea That is such a nice thing to say – THANK YOU! Don’t forget to leave a comment over at the blog to win a ticket!

  4. I left a comment there – but that session you are doing with Rob genuinely does sound interesting!

  5. @Jonathan Thanks! I’m looking forward to discussing things with Rob Kerry in advance of the session as well!

  6. Taigerman says:

    Hi, what a great two days at the a4u Expo. And one of the best talks was held by Al Carlton’s “Million Dollar Blogging. There was no reason for him to be nervous as his talk was inspirational. Did any one else catch his talk and what did you think?

    I survived having my site looked at by the Affiliate Doctors Live: Marcus Tandler, David Naylor, Chris Garrett, and Joost De Valk and 200+ attendees. I still need a lot of work to do, but after the show I am so fired up to move things forward on my sites.

    well worth the money!

  7. Taigerman says:

    Ah, and I loved Judith SEO talk, again picked up some nice tips.


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