SEO Chicks – Too Cool For School?

The accusation was levelled at the SEO Chicks recently that they had become semi-rock stars and had no time for chatting to people. As a person who often wears themselves out trying to meet people, and has had various parts of her body assaulted at these events while meeting people, I was quite distressed that anyone would think that of any of us chicks.

At the last LondonSEO I spent time walking through extreme crowds, trying not to get my body touched in inappropriate ways while handing out chocolate. You’d be surprised what the poor thing gets subjected to on a regular basis. The chocolate lasted about an hour, part of which I was stationary for. I tried to chat and say hello to lots of people, some of whom I didn’t know. In fact, I described what I was wearing on Twitter and asked people to say hello.

Chocolate is my way of saying “hello” while still hiding behind something, much like I hid behind LisaD when Vanessa Fox said hello. Not my most shining moment but to me she is still a major rock star and I’m still just a shy fat kid who can never hope to have a conversation with her about encouraging more women in to high tech despite that being something we both dig. So as Vanessa approached us, I fled, hiding behind LisaD and Jane despite wanting to say hi and have a conversation about the work Girl Geek Dinners was doing encouraging girls into technology at high schools. I’ll be posting here about various chocolates I love with suggestions to help for the holidays if you’re looking for something different to give.

Lisa does get surrounded quite quickly by fans of SEO Chicks. I have seen her swamped by people almost instantly upon entering a venue and watched as she politely tried to get a drink or dinner or something. Far from being unapproachable, she is warm and open and friendly. I strive to be more like LisaD. She rocks in being a wonderful, caring person and someone anyone can chat to. I think that’s why she’s been interviewed so often – she is a wonderful person and everyone wants to hear more.

Julie is amazing. She is a strong independent character and gave me chocolate when I was upset last time I saw her. She can seem aloof simply because she radiates this strength in her personal aura. She is far from unapproachable and she’s always got a friendly smile. If you say “Hi – I love reading your blog posts and think Adam Ant rules” I am sure you’ll get a lively and animated conversation from her. It can be hard to feel comfortable approaching someone whose blog you’ve been reading but I’ve done it and it’s great when you make a new friend that way.

Jane Copland is a wonderful, warm person who would welcome anyone saying hello. I know she’s a bit of a rock star from her SEOmoz job as well as being a Chicklet but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to chat to everyone. She is a wonderful, warm and open person and has a bout of shyness just like the rest of us – especially when being put on the spot in a presentation :-) Jane is so darn friendly I think she’d probably starve if she did what she wanted to and chatted to everyone.

Beyond those of us who were at LondonSEO and SMX London, I can say from having met Stephanie that she is a wonderful person who gives a lot of herself to everything she does. I’m sure we’d love to see her blog here more often but she’s also rocking the world of social media and working hard just like Anita who is constantly head down, working. Anita was at PubCon last year and after having to spend 30h in transit I was shocked she made the trip! She is such a friendly and wonderful person I’m sure if you want to chat with her you’d find yourself instantly engaged in a fun and interesting conversation. Donna is a joy to email and she’s a powerhouse of information. She is just so extremely smart and she’s been around forever it can be a bit overwhelming to talk to her but just pick a topic, say hello and chat. I am sure she’s going to have a huge amount of great info and if you but say hello you’ll find yourself swept into a conversation. And Lauren is so friendly and so much fun I cannot imagine her being unapproachable. She was great when I was in NY for the first time in my life and helped me find my way around, accompanied me around and was with me at the very end as I tried to shift the stuff in my bags around. I was under my luggage limit by less than a pound so her efforts meant I didn’t have to do it at the airport :-)

The SEO Chicks have not become unapproachable – far from it we work hard to be approachable. Pick a subject, say hello and engage us in conversation. We all have blog posts you can choose from or pick a recent topic or anything. Say hi, let us know you read our blog and chat with us. Please.

I’m speaking at the IMS conference which is free to get in to (but £15 on the door so sign up in advance!). I’ll be speaking on the Dark Side of Social Media along with other folks from the SEO community so come say hi.

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13 Responses to “SEO Chicks – Too Cool For School?”

  1. Julie Joyce says:

    Adam Ant does rule you know…

  2. Having not met the rest of the chicks, I can only speak for Julie… and in doing so I can’t imagine any one accusing her of not taking the time to talk. Julie, as far as I can tell, is everyone’s best friend. She is certainly mine.

    The only time I’ve seen her retreat into a shell is when faced with meeting someone in a band and then she turns into this shy little girl too scared to speak (I know that’s hard to believe, but it is true). Faced with meeting Adam Ant she would probably faint.

  3. Julie Joyce says:

    I’d have fainted years ago…after having seen him cry in the “Wonderful” video, I wouldn’t be able to speak to him anyway, out of sheer embarrassment.

    Thanks Gene…the check’s in the mail.

  4. Natasha says:

    I just want to say that I have met a few of you, and as intimidating as it was to get up the guts and say hi it was well worth it. Anyone who says you guy’s are unapproachable has probably never actually spoken to you…

  5. Julie Joyce says:

    Natasha I love you.

  6. Dawn Wentzell says:

    I found you to be very approachable at SMX East! I was glad for your company & your introductions when I felt super shy myself, and had a great time hanging out with you.

  7. Now see this is what you do that is so great. You just introduced ‘us’ to these fine people so if we are ever lucky enough to encounter them ourselves we will have your thoughts to recall and will feel a bit more comfortable stepping out of the boat!
    I am really glad that I have this blog to read, my niche is not SEO but you have helped me more in the last week and I wanted to say thanks again.

    Rock on!

    oh…. and for sure Adam Ant rocks!!!!

  8. Jane Copland says:

    Judith! Ssh! I was never the cool kid growing up and, granted, it’s taken getting into one of the geekiest professions around to see me finally be called out as one of the in crowd… I’m going to pretend that it’s true.

    /it’s not/

  9. @julie Never would I have associated your post with that anchor text if I wasn’t confident of that fact.

    @Gene teeheehee* always fun to learn about yet another facet of the wonderful Julie!

    @Natasha The irony is not lost on me :-) We do all try and be approachable and sometimes any of us can get caught at an off moment but we love to meet new people!

    @Dawn Awwww… THANKS! I try and help out folks who are new with some introductions because I know what it’s like to be somewhere where you might know people by their blogs or tweets but not in person :-) I had a blast hanging with you too!

    @Lisa :-D Well, hopefully I’ve inspired some people to come and say hello to us when we’re out and about at these kinds of events. I’m glad we helped :-)

    @Jane *teeheehee* I was always the geeky nerd outcast playing D&D with the boys. I don’t know I’ll ever feel that I fit in – thus my uber shyness attack when Vanessa was talking to Lisa. God that was shameful *blushes*

  10. Julie Joyce says:

    I was the coolest kid in school. OK no. I had pink hair. In a small Southern town.

  11. thanks for the kind words Judith! That’s so sweet of you.

    I don’t like the thought that someone thought we were unaproachable. But I can understand that someone might misunderstand us as clickey when we all hang out. But it’s simply just the fact that we don’t get to see eachother that often and we all really like eachother, so when we finally get to meet up we have alot to catch up on. That doesn’t mean you can’t join our conversation though!

    I went to my first conference (SES London) in 2007 (NOT that long ago) and didn’t know anyone. When I got there I went up to a table of 4 blokes (Tony King, Jess, Christian and Joe Comotto), I said hi and told them I didn’t know anyone. I quickly got chatting and hung out with them for a bit. Then I met Rob (Evilgreenmonkey) in the corridor whilst walking around aimlessly (me not him) he recognised me from my avatar as I had been asking 101 questions on Search Engine Watch forums about SES the week before, he quickly took me under his wing and introduced me to people. I had also been commenting alot on the SEOmoz blog but when I met Rand I was quite star struck, but being the lovely person he is, he gave me a big hug and said “great to finally meet you”. And that was it, that’s how I connected with people in the industry. Most of the people I have met along the way have been super lovely and easy to get on with, although I have met my fair share of not so approachable people. But mostly this industry is easy to connect with and talk to.

    So next time you are at a conference, please don’t hesitate to chat. I love talking about SEO, or anything else for that matter, I just love talking to people, in fact chances are I will probably bore you to tears =)

    ps: sorry about the essay.

    ps ps: warning! I have never actually met Donna, so I just warn everyone when I finally do get to meet Donna “the Legend” I will not care whether you think I’m unaproachable. I’m having Donna all to myself ;p

  12. Sounds like a fun and crazy event. I’ll have to attend one of these SEO blogger conferences one of these days.
    Still trying to figure my way around the ultimate in SEO, I’m sure that getting to know all of you more would help me out! ;)

  13. @Julie – None but the cool could pull off pink hair :-)

    @lisa – I’m such a fan girl at times I understand. I also agree though that taking part in forums and asking questions and becoming known is a great way to become known.

    @The Fitness Diva – do please hang and comment and visit the LondonSEO events and things. It’s always tons of fun and just introduce yourself!

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